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Introducing DMarket Wallet for iOS

Pushing digital items trading to a whole new level, DMarket is combining innovative technical solutions with focus on convenient tools for utilizing those innovations. The deployment of DMarket Wallet for iOS fits into that focus perfectly, expanding users’ opportunities for safe and seamless management of their digital and cryptocurrency assets.  

This simple and secure crypto wallet is already available on the App Store, so you can download and use it on your iPhone or iPad right now.

Getting Started

With no need for sign-ups or email confirmation, it doesn’t take much time or effort to start using your DMarket Wallet on iOS devices. After installing the app and checking out a quick overview of its functionality, all you need to do is create a secure password and then receive and verify a backup phrase consisting of 12 random words. Predictive text technology will help to enter them without losing your temper.

DMarket IOS wallet DMarket IOS wallet backup phrase DMarket IOS wallet user interface DMarket IOS secure wallet DMarket IOS wallet dmarket token DMarket IOS wallet details of the transactions
DMarket IOS wallet DMarket IOS wallet backup phrase DMarket IOS wallet user interface DMarket IOS secure wallet DMarket IOS wallet dmarket token DMarket IOS wallet details of the transactions

The backup phrase is required for recovering a lost password or accessing a wallet from a new device or any other platform or service, and there’s no way to recover the phrase itself. That’s why it has to be kept safe, and a screenshot is not a secure option in this case. Better write the 12 words down and make sure you are the only one to see them.

If you have successfully signed in, your pair of public and private keys is already created, and everything’s ready for the next phase.

Exploring Features

  • Best-in-class hardware encryption is used to protect your private keys that are stored on your device. They are never sent externally and always remain under your control, providing maximum security of your assets.
  • Directly connecting to the crypto network, DMarket Wallet doesn’t rely on any servers, ensuring that you are the only one to see your financial information and control your funds.
  • All the transaction figures and overall balance are additionally displayed in USD, calculated by live exchange rates.
  • To input a receiving wallet address, you can either type, copy and paste it, or scan a QR code from another device.
  • To confirm a transaction, enter your Wallet password or use Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Recommended transaction fees are set by default but you can easily adjust them with a slider to save some money or increase the transaction speed.
  • When sending blockchain assets, it is possible to select multiple items for a single transaction. All your assets are displayed in one tab.
  • Detailed information about every transaction is available just by clicking on it.
  • To refresh any kind of displayed data, just pull the page down.
  • Wallet settings allow you to change your password, enable or disable different types of verification, check your backup phrase (password is needed), contact support, and reset the Wallet.  

Our smart user interface tailored to your specific needs makes all the above-mentioned operations seamless and lightning-fast.

Coming Soon

DMarket development team keeps working on the Wallet functionality to further expand opportunities for managing and trading digital assets. Users will be also able to manage multiple wallets in one app, while complete synchronization with your DMarket account will make the app’s functionality similar to the platform.

DMarket Wallet for iOS is currently available in English and Russian versions but Spanish and German localizations are coming soon.   

Many other useful features and enhancements are under development, so manage your digital assets with ease now and look for updates in the future. And don’t forget that DMarket Wallet is also available on Android.

download DMarket IOS Wallet on the Appstore

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