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Purchase Order Update From DMarket

If you know exactly what you need to stand out in your game but can’t find your dream skin at a fair price, DMarket’s new feature is just for you.

With more than 46K CS:GO skins and 35K Dota 2 items for sale, the range of virtual goods on DMarket is really impressive. With commission-free trading and stiff competition among sellers, the prices are truly attractive. That’s why you have a really good chance to find the item of your dreams in DMarket’s ever expanding Items Catalog. But, if you still can’t find the right offer or simply don’t want to do the searching, the recent DMarket update provides a plan B. The newly deployed Purchase Order feature allows you to set up your own requirements and let the demand create its own supply.

To use the feature, go to your DMarket inventory and select the Purchase Orders tab at the top of the page. Then choose a game and item and set your maximum price. The best corresponding offer on DMarket will appear below the order form, so you can buy the item right away. If no offer meets your requirements, click the Make an Order button and the system will monitor all the new offers and complete the deal automatically when the right item arrives. In this case, make sure the required amount of money is available on your DMarket balance until the trade is complete.

You will be notified about the successful purchase via email. We will also inform you if an offer meets your requirements but you don’t have enough funds on your balance to make the purchase. Another automatic notification will let you know if a new offer price is slightly beyond your Purchase Order requirements, so you could consider adjusting your order a little and get the item immediately.

Apart from the Purchase Order, the latest DMarket update provides a number of UI alterations that will help you trade with convenience and without distractions. New advancements are on their way, so stay tuned and keep gaming.

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