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The 5 Best FPS Games of 2017

Have you finished your favorite FPS game, and are now looking for some fresh blood? Or maybe you are new to the genre and want to start with the very best? Here’s a list of top first-person shooters of 2017 for you to binge on this weekend.

Rejoice, FPS lovers! It has been proven that violent computer games have nothing to do with real-life violence, so now you can elegantly ditch all the accusations that are hurled at you and indulge in your favorite game genre without even a twitch of guilt.

Best Shooters of 2017 to Binge on

1. Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty WWII Okay, it’s time to appreciate the fact that this game is the fourteenth in the Call of Duty franchise, and one of the earliest shooting games to gain worldwide recognition. This competitive multiplayer has been upgraded compared to the previous edition. The fact that it has been made simpler also benefits it a lot – now you have to rely on your reaction and tactical thinking rather than the magical ability to run on walls, which was present in the previous instalment.

Though the game isn’t very historically accurate regarding certain plot twists and depiction of the state of mind of most soldiers, its visual side is stunning with minute details.

The game has been rated M, and won’t be suitable for highly sensitive people – at least you won’t be able to relax looking at all the explosions and hearing screams of pain.

Though most gamers admit that the single-player campaign didn’t add anything significant, a lot of them enjoyed the part when the protagonist assumes the role of an undercover operative, and advise to play at least to this point.


PUBG Oh, battle royale! Since its release in March 2017, the game has become extremely popular and gave birth to thousands of memes, parody videos, and gags ridiculing the number of inexperienced players, cheaters, and glitches encountered in the process. Despite the fact that the game shows highly realistic weapons, it isn’t gory or scary. The age restriction is 16+ due to the violence depicted.

PUBG gained unbelievable fame among players all over the world, hitting a mark of an incredible 3 million concurrent players!

The popularity of the game can be explained by the fact that it’s team-based, features an extensive set of usable arms and objects, is relatively new (this lowers the chance of encountering a super-high-skilled enemy), and rather easy to play. The game is a lot friendlier for beginners compared to legendary FPS – CS:GO. If you have never tried to be the last man standing, PUBG will grant you that amazing feeling, once you win, of course.

3. Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2

Do you believe there’s such a thing as a family-friendly shooter? Because there is, and it is amazing! Splatoon 2 provides a great opportunity for a messy, colorful and fun weekend with your loved ones.

The game is a team-based shooter, providing you an amusing opportunity to huddle up with your friends or family and defeat enemies. You play as Inklings – fictional characters of squid-like humanoid appearance, who can fire ink of unique color at their opponents. If you’d like to drop a couple of color bombs on grey winter days, Splatoon 2 also offers you a single-player campaign with a plot.

The game is extremely popular due to its vibrant colors and non-violent depiction of fights (the age restriction is 10+) and has earned a huge fanbase. The sequel also adds a new battle mode called Salmon Run which is crazy mayhem during which you aim to defeat waves of enemies with your team, and all this is in neon-bright colors! Splatoon 2 is a perfect game to beat your winter blues.    

4. Wolfenstein II

Wolfenstein II If you are up for something gory, dark and entrenching then Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is perfect for you. The game explores an alternative history, delving into a terrible reality where the Nazis won World War II and the Resistance is an underground organization trying to overthrow the existing world order. The game is famous for its characters and plot development that will keep you on edge till the very end, however, if you don’t like violent and suggestive scenes, this isn’t a good option for you.

Stunning visuals, fun gameplay, solid dialogues and a story that feels more real than reality itself is what makes Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus one of our favorite FPS games released in 2017. The game gives you a feeling of overcoming the impossible and challenging a system that has swallowed the whole world.

This shooter offers you more than 20 hours of adrenaline-filled gameplay, and take it from us, you won’t be able to resist playing it again and again just to relive the journey.

5. Prey


If you believe that a good FPS is one with jump scares, crawling, and playing hide-and-seek with hideous monsters, then Prey is a perfect choice for you.

Embark on a space journey filled with danger and mysteries in search of the ultimate truth that will eventually shock you and leave you questioning everything you have learned before.

The plot of the game is built around a space station with a group of captive hostile aliens called Typhon that eventually went wild and killed nearly everyone onboard. The main character, Morgan Yu, has to collect ammo, hide and try to help other rare survivors while fighting off monsters and searching for the reasons of the catastrophe. The name of the project also poses a question. If you think that monsters prey on humans, you should play and see that everything is not so straightforward on this cosmic Odyssey gone wrong.

Did we feature your favorite first-person shooter? If not, feel free to hit us up on Twitter and Facebook and share your all-time favorites. Follow our blog to stay tuned for the latest news in gaming, blockchain and everything in-between.  

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