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FLASHPOINT is a new series of tournaments provided by FACEIT. Previously, FACEIT held the Esports Champions Series, but now FLASHPOINT is coming to change that. Twelve teams will be a part of FLASHPOINT Season 1, and the prize pool amounts to $1,000,000. FACEIT has developed a new format of CS: GO tournaments, let’s take a look.

General Information

flashpoint csgo season 1
  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Venue: FACEIT Studio
  • PrizePool: $1,000,000
  • Participant Teams: 12
  • Organizer: FACEIT
  • Start: 03/13/2020
  • End: 04/19/2020

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Prize Pool of FLASHPOINT S1

Each one of twelve teams will get a part of the $1,000,000 prize pool.

Place $ USD Team
1st - TBD
2nd - TBD
3rd - TBD
4th - TBD
place 5 to 12
5th-6th - TBD
7th-8th - TBD
9th - TBD
10th - TBD
11th - TBD
12th - TBD

FLASHPOINT Season 1 Teams

Twelve teams will be represented at FLASHPOINT Season 1. Ten of the twelve are locked as the founding partners and two teams that will qualify from the open qualifiers.

  • Cloud9 - Founding Members
  • c0ntact Gaming - Founding Members
  • Dignitas - Founding Members
  • Gen.g Esports - Founding Members
  • MAD Lions - Founding Members
  • MIBR - Founding Members
  • Team Envy - Founding Members
  • Founding Members
  • Founding Members
  • Founding Members
  • -BIG - Lan Qualifier
  • Orgless - Lan Qualifier

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FLASHPOINT Season 1 Format

The format of FLASHPOINT Season 1 is something new in the CS: GO world. There are two phases in the Group Stage (or two Group Stages), and double elimination playoffs bracket. All of the teams will be seeded from 1 to 12 by a transparent, ranked system.

Before each Phase. FACEIT provides a show named Group Selection. Teams will be able to peak opponents, ban other peaks, and swap into other groups. The top three seeds teams will randomly be assigned into three groups A, B, and C.

flashpoint csgo season 1 format

After this has happened, the Captain of these teams will choose their opponents from the unassigned teams.

flashpoint csgo season 1 format

The most recently selected teams will peak new opponents from the unassigned teams, and repeat it in each Group until no teams remain.

flashpoint csgo season 1 format

When the groups are complete, the last teams in each Group will have an opportunity to swap, and top teams will be able to veto swaps. More information about FLASHPOINT swaps and vetoes you can find on this link.

The conclusion of the phases stage is that teams earn their Playoff points based on the final standing in each phase. The points will allow the top eight teams to progress through to take part in the Playoff.

Playoff Points Distribution:

  • First Place: 75 points
  • Second Place: 50 points
  • Third Place: 30 points
  • Fourth Place: 15 points

Group Stage Phase 1 Info

  • Start date:
  • End Date:
  • Twelve teams divided into three GSL groups: A, B and C
  • All Matches are Bo3

Group Stage Phase 2 Info

  • Start date:
  • End Date:
  • Twelve teams divided into three GSL groups: A, B and C
  • All Matches are Bo3

Playoffs Info

  • Start date:
  • End Date:
  • Eight teams in the Double Elimination Bracket
  • All Matches are Bo3


We will follow all the information of this tournament and will add info about Groups here.


Follow your favorite team with DMarket. Here is a link to the twitch channel FLASHPOINT.

Top teams will have qualified for the FLASHPOINT playoff bracket by beating their enemies with different tactics. The best way to learn any strategy is to know all of the points on the map where you play. We’ve prepared where you can find all the CS maps and their callouts. Read it to improve your level of playing.

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