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Transformation of Kratos - All You Should Know

Transformation of Kratos - All You Should Know

Who’s Your Daddy?

Santa Monica did its utmost to valorize a new sequel to the blockbuster series published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. As of May 3, the game showcased the fastest sales results to date among PlayStation 4 exclusive releases. Backed by positive reviews, more than 3 million copies sold globally in the first three days suggesting God of War 4 could become one of the most successful projects for Sony consoles. Which is why we can’t just ignore this new addition to the fantastic saga and decided to show you some glimpses of its gameplay and storyline.

Reimagining the Franchise

God of War is a third-person game featuring an action gameplay style deftly aligned with adventure elements. Unlike its predecessors, the game has no subtitle or numeral in its title, which implies the Santa Monica folks have granted us a completely new angle on the popular franchise. The rationale behind the development team’s decision was pure and simple – no more bland and boring vestiges of the past that could discourage players from the series. At the end of the day, they did manage to get rid of most of the unappetizing details and let fans enjoy the very essence of the game with no strings attached.

Conquering the Highest Peak

This time players embark on a journey across mythical terrains of Norse gods inundated with ravening hordes of deadly beasts. Once a god of war in ancient Greece, Kratos now traverses distant Scandinavian lands striving to fulfill his late wife’s deathbed wish and keep his promise. The Greek god matured and is a father now. In the new adventures Kratos is followed by his son Atreus, who knows nothing about his transcendent origin and skeletons in the family closet. To overwhelm new lethal enemies, Kratos opted out of using his weapon of choice, the magic blades, to wield an immense enchanted battle axe.

New Kratos weapon

Beefing up the Gameplay

The dev team did their best to thoroughly rework the installment’s gameplay. Now playing as a relentless god of war, Kratos can ignite positive sensations even in non-gamers, to say nothing of devoted fans of the franchise. The title is geared with a new free-camera view mode, providing players with a fresh non-trivial game perspective. Odds are you might have some blind areas during combat, however the overall advantage of such a game solution is quite convincing. The HUD is simplified yet informative enough; the interface is smart and intuitive; the game’s controls are easy-to-use. All these are not commonplace for console games and add much to the holistic gameplay impression. Moreover, high FPS rates, no stuttering issues and quick load time are promising indicators showing the developers at Santa Monica are really worth their weight in gold.

Game play in God of War

Plunging into Ferocious Skirmish

Kratos is free to pick a favourable combat style to prove his supremacy. A god of war can either slay monsters with devastating melee attacks or fling the Leviathan Axe into his enemies to smash them at a distance. Atreus, his divine son, is much more than a mere NPC character as he is responsible for most in-game cues and dialogs. His garrulous wisdom can at times help reveal some lore elements and solve various puzzles. Unlike his father, Atreus prefers to utilize a ranged weapon and shoots his opponents with his signature Talon Bow. Although inflicting minor damage, Atreus is quite good at distracting and stunning the adversaries of the protagonist, letting Kratos in the meantime handle the problem at hand.

God of War gameplay God of War game God oof War screenshot
God of War gameplay God of War game God oof War screenshot

Enjoy the Enticing Plot and Game Settings

From the very first moment, God of War gives you an intangible insight of wizardry and heroics. The scenery is designed with great flair so that every single landscape detail possesses its own charisma and uniqueness. Abandoned ruins and magic artifacts look sophisticated and true-to-life, as they are created with deep understanding of Norse mythology. The game shows off memorable cutscenes and stirring setpieces that can leave no player untouched. Also, the unforgettable percussion-backed music is totally world class. It is rumored that the in-game soundtrack is about to be performed during the upcoming PlayStation video game-oriented concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall on May 30.

Enjoy God of War There is no denying the fact that God of War has become one of the most outstanding masterpieces for console platforms ever. The verdict is definite – go and give it a try, since the title has an immersive storyline powered by robust gameplay with strong replayability.

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