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Monster Hunter World – Weapons and Monsters Overview

It’s believed that the world of storytelling can contain only a certain amount of plots and nothing more, that’s why every new story will be a mere repetition of something that has already been told before.

Monster Hunter World is no different in this regard, as it explores the loop of hunting for monsters in order to create a more powerful weapon for more effective hunting, and on and on it goes. So what is different with this game? Well, as the name suggests, it’s the world you are about to explore.

General Information

If it’s your first experience with Monster Hunter, then picking this part of the series to play can be a poor choice, unless you enjoy games with insanely complicated rules. We are not talking the Dark Souls level of game insanity, but you still will have to read some fandom wiki articles and watch a couple of guides. If you can, play together with a more experienced friend.

This reiteration of the game has everything that fans love in Monster Hunter – a vast and immense world to explore, realistic fights and never-ending opportunities to upgrade your gear.

However, the game doesn’t show any gory scenes – its realism lies in the behavior of the beasts you attack and their ability to actively engage with the surroundings (e.g. pick up a stone and throw it at you).

gameplay Another feature that will capture your attention is how the ecosystems are thought-out – it’s a pleasure to stand there and observe without actually doing anything. But we’re off to more specific gameplay details.

Monster Hunter World Weapons

There are fourteen weapon classes in the Monster Hunter universe, making it just a little bit overwhelming.

Asking what is the best weapon in Monster Hunter World is akin to choosing the best color in the whole world. Each weapon has its own strong and weak points, and whatever is best for you usually depends on your preferred style of play. However, it is true that all weapons have different control difficulties.

Monster Hunter World weapon types can be divided into four major categories:

  1. Light
  2. Heavy
  3. Technical
  4. Ranged

Long swords, dual blades and swords and shields belong to the light weapons category. Their distinct feature is precise and quick hits.

Heavy weapons include four positions – greatswords, hammers, lances and gunlances. These weapons are mostly slow but powerful and can deal a great amount of damage in one hit.

Technical weapons require higher skill due to multiple available modes. They include insect glaives, switch axes, charge blades and hunting horns.

Ranged weapons include only three positions – bow, light and heavy bowguns. Though this type of weapon is easy to operate, you need to remember to restock ammo and learn how to find the best shooting angle to take down monsters.

Monster Hunter World Weapons` Categories The amount of characteristics and combinations available can be overwhelming at first, so if you are new to the game, here is the list of Monster Hunter World best weapon which you can choose:

1. Sword and Shield

sword and shield This essential combination offers you excellent mobility, easy combos that are difficult to botch and fantastic versatility. It also allows you use items while you have it drawn. This pair is also effective to block attacks in emergencies.

However, it has one notable downside – a short range of attack. Also, prepare for the fact that attacking taller monsters will be difficult unless you master the art of a perfectly-timed jump.

2. Dual Blades

Dual blades If you are used to fast-paced games, these awesome blades are just for you. Infinite combos, increased mobility for running and dodging are among the biggest perks of this weapon type.

However, dual blades require some management and a little more technicality compared to the basic sword and shield combination.

You may also need some time to learn how to operate in demon mode and arch-demon mode. These blades can’t block, but they make it up with extra DPS and speed.

Also, remember to learn your opponent’s weaknesses beforehand to decide when to initiate the blade dance, as you can’t move in the process.

3. Light Bowgun

Light bowgun If you prefer range weapons, pick this one. Light bowguns have been retooled to have easier controls. Now Monster Hunter World bow users can wear the same armor as mainly weapon users.

This type of weapon combines versatility and relatively high damage, letting you run, attack and dodge more easily. The controls are very straightforward – it’s just point, shoot, dodge and reload.

The difficulty lies in the ammo – you have to craft everything besides the very basics and remember to restock your ammo each time. You will also need to find out the best distance and ammo to shoot from, which you need to learn to take down every monster efficiently.

Of course, you are free to start off with whichever weapon type you prefer, but these three have proven to be the most efficient when wielded by MHW newcomers.

Also, check the Monster Hunter World weapon guide before you start playing to choose the most efficient strategy.

Setting and Monsters

The highlight of the game is the monsters themselves, hence the name. You will be put in four different environments to look for your prey:

  • Ancient Forest
  • Wildspire Waste
  • Coral Highlands 
  • Rotten Vale 

environments Most reviewers note the breathtaking landscapes and detailed ecosystems which you could watch for hours. This was the whole point of the game – to create a world full of wondrous creatures.

Monster Hunter World All Monsters

The monsters you will encounter fall into ten different categories, including elder dragons, which kickstart you on your grand journey. The game will mesmerize you by its level of realism – animals here are not dumb NPCs, they appear to be rather cunning and inventive.

For example, larger monsters will try to take you down by employing the environment. The animal will break stonewalls to get you buried under a pile of stones, push you into water, or pick up and throw something heavy at you.

gameplay There is no such thing as Monster Hunter World classes 💔 – you start as a blank page, and your skillset is dependent on your armor and weapon. And this, in turn, is determined by the materials you have gathered while hunting for monsters.

Hunting has been made easier and more fun. In the previous version, you had to scout zones and hope to spot a monster, which often turned to be endless and tedious running around the map.

With the help of your Scoutflies, tiny glowing dots, you track visible markers of a monster’s presence, such as footprints, globs of mucus, scratches and so on. After you’ve gathered enough evidence, your scouts will lead you directly to your prey, indicating it on your game radar.

The information you learn about your targets is also revealed in bits. After meeting a monster for the first time, you will be given just a vague description. The more you track the beast, the more detailed information you will receive – it’s essentially like unlocking a Wiki page, made fun. Seriously, this is a lot more exciting than it should be.

You still haven’t tried Monster Hunter World? Well, this whole world of whimsical creatures and breathtaking landscapes is waiting for you!

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