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NAVINATION Season 3 Wrap Up

The flywheel of the first eSports metaverse is gaining momentum, making the recap of the NAVINATION Season Three a pretty pleasant process. These four weeks were traditionally full of updates, upgrades, and technical improvements, generated by both the community and the DMarket team. So let’s jump in and review all those notable aspects that took place during the last month.

In Stats We Trust


To highlight the development of the gaming metaverse and NAVINATION family, let’s compare the figures above with the previous season.

While the number of streams and items sold didn’t change significantly, the other two bullets fluctuated more sharply. Paradoxically or not, but the number of drops decreased by about 20%, while the number of crafts jumped almost twice as much. NAVINATION participants definitely enjoyed NFT crafting and demanded even more!

Traditionally, the community wasn’t the only driving force of NAVINATION. The metaverse’s flip side was fed by NAVI players, who were actively streaming during the Third Season. It became easier to choose what we wanted to watch as all seven games evenly appeared online. With adding a Brawl Stars squad to the organization, the logical question arises: will it be added to the streaming pool soon? Yeah, there are plenty of obstacles to resolve, but this step could attract a younger audience and widen the borders to mobile gaming as well.

Egg Hunt Challenge

Everyone had the opportunity to participate in the storyline mode to grab the Super reward at the end. During the whole season, fans had to collect nine different Easter Eggs to claim the major one.

That was a new approach where the season’s reward was available for the most active and attentive NAVINATION fans. We’ve prepared something special for the NAVI Super Easter Egg owners, just be patient and wait for the announcement soon.

New Features


Clickable Banners on Twitch

Invisible tips require hard work but not magic, so now the banners on Twitch are clickable. Getting drops has become faster for the newcomers, as there is no need to enter in the search bar. NAVINATION welcomes everyone!

Onboarding for Newcomers

Another feature newcomers have to praise: new tool tips and helpful animations made the onboarding process way easier so everyone can quickly get his or her first NFTs. NAVINATION becomes friendlier!

CS:GO Skins Inside Packs

As the majority of the NAVINATION family loves CS:GO, we decided to add fancy skins into particular packs! Attentive fans have already found crafts and active challenges where they can get CS:GO skins, and that’s only the beginning. NAVINATION gets more flexible!

Instant Buy

At the end of the season, the crafting process really became flawless. You can buy lacking items without visiting the marketplace page, while the helpful pop-up window offers the

As you can see, the NAVINATION eSports metaverse actively develops. Being in close contact with the community, the DMarket team gladly implements new features to make participation even more exciting. Do you have other interesting ideas to make NAVINATION better and our common journey more exciting? Let us know!

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