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The Best CS:GO Cases to Open in 2022

The Best CS:GO Cases to Open in 2022

CS:GO cases were added to the game in 2013 and became an integral part of the game. There are more than 30 cases nowadays, and we are really sure that the amount will be more impressive shortly. The easiest way to get a case in CS:GO is through the in-game item drop system. Each case contains unique skins which can be used while playing or be sold on our platform. Today we have prepared a list with the best CS:GO сases to open in 2022. Enjoy them and choose something for yourself!

1. Operation Riptide Case

Operation Riptide Case

The Operation Riptide Case was added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on 22 September 2021. The case has 17 unique skin designs created by community members and special knives in Gamma finish.

Operation Riptide Case contains one of the following:

2. Operation Broken Fang Case

Operation Broken Fang Case

The Operation Broken Fang Case was released together with the tenth operation in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — Broken Fang. This case is definitely worth your attention if you like dark colors and designs.

Operation Broken Fang Case contains one of the following:

3. Recoil Case

Recoil Case

The Recoil Case was recently added to the game and immediately enjoyed great popularity among players. Like most cases, it consists of 17 skins for each type of weapon in the game. The most valuable item is the AWP | Chromatic Aberration.

Recoil Case contains one of the following:

4. Glove Case

Glove Case

The Glove Case allows you to get rare, special gloves or one of 17 different weapon skins. It was added on 29 November 2016 and is still in great demand among players despite the elapsed time.

Glove Case contains one of the following:

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5. Winter Offensive Weapon Case

Winter Offensive Case

Despite the name, in this Winter Offensive Weapon Case, you can find not only themed white skins but many other colors too. Since the release of Operation Vanguard, this case very rarely drops, but it can still be purchased on the marketplace.

Winter Offensive Case contains one of the following:

6. Chroma 3 Case

Chroma 3 Case

The Chroma 3 Case was added to CS:GO on 28 April 2016 and turned out to be the most popular in the series. It includes 17 skins for different types of weapons, which will appeal to many CS:GO players and fans.

Chroma 3 Case contains one of the following:

7. Gamma Case

Gamma Case

The Gamma Case was added to CS:GO on 15 June 2016, and gathered quite a few exciting and colorful skins, as well as new knife finishes. This case allows players to get expensive knife skins such as the Gamma Doppler, Lore, and Autotronic, which can be sold at an impressive price. However, do not forget that the probability of a knife falling out is relatively low.

Gamma Case contains one of the following:

8. Operation Hydra Case

Operation Hydra Case

The Operation Hydra Case was introduced on 23 May 2017, along with Operation Hydra. It is worth noting the three incredibly beautiful skins that caused a real stir among the gaming community: AWP | Oni Taiji, Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast and M4A4 | Hellfire.

Operation Hydra Case contains one of the following:

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9. Danger Zone Case

Danger Zone

The Danger Zone Case is one of the cheapest cases on the market, which was added to the game on 6 December 2018. Most skins are popular and in high demand. Besides skins, you also have a slight chance to get a Huntsman knifewhen opening the case. Check out the best Huntsman Knife Skins.

Danger Zone Case contains one of the following:

10. Prisma 2 Case

Prisma 2 Case

The Prisma 2 Case was released as a part of the 31 March 2020 update. There are a lot of bright skins in the case, which instantly attracted players' attention. Among the most outstanding skins is M4A1-S | Player Two.

Prisma 2 Case contains one of the following:

11. Clutch Case

Clutch Case

The release of the Clutch Case took place on 15 February 2018. Many skins from this case are in high demand to this day. It consists of 17 community-designed weapon skins and 24 new glove finishes.

Clutch Case contains one of the following:

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12. Falchion Case

Falchion Case

The Falchion Case was added to the game in an update on 26 May 2015 alongside Operation Bloodhound as an exclusive drop to pass holders. The Falchion knife can only be found in this case, but the probability of it falling out is extremely small, like with other knives.

Falchion Case contains one of the following:

13. Huntsman Weapon Case

Huntsman Weapon Case

The Huntsman Weapon Case was released on 1 May 2014, and is the second case with 22 different skins created by the community. Despite the age of this case, skins such as AK-47 | Vulcan are still often found among players.

Huntsman Weapon Case contains one of the following:

14. Gamma 2 Case

Gamma 2 Case

The Gamma 2 Case was released two months after its predecessor, on 18 August 2016. In addition to weapon skins, this case contains six new community-created knife skins, such as Gamma Doppler, Bright Water, Black Laminate etc.

Gamma 2 Case contains one of the following:

15. Prisma Case

Prisma Case

The Prisma Case has 17 community-designed weapon skins and was added along with the Ursus, Navaja, Stiletto, and Talon knives. In addition, one of the most sold skins on DMarket, AWP | Atheris, can be found in this case.

Prisma Case contains one of the following:

That was our TOP list with the best CSGO cases to open in 2022. Even though the chance of an expensive skin falling out is not so great, these cases are definitely worth buying because of a huge variety of really impressive skins inside.

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