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How to Get Cases in Counter-Strike 2
If you play Counter-Strike a lot, your inventory becomes pretty much filled with various cases. The problem is that you obviously don’t control what the game gives you through the random drops. To get a skin from a specific collection or to make potentially the best investment possible, you should know how to get cases in CS2 beyond that randomness.
The Most Expensive Cases in CS2
Ever since their introduction in 2013, cases have slowly but surely become a large part of the Counter-Strike experience, providing players with the tools to express themselves and show off their unique skin collections. Fast forward to today, and skins have become a staple of the game.
New Case in CS:GO: The Recoil Case
On 1 July 2022, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pleased its players and fans with another awesome CS:GO case. The Recoil Case can drop one of 17 new skins and gloves as a rare reward. The items come in several styles and will appeal to many, so let’s take a closer look at the Recoil case skins.
New Case in CS:GO: The Dreams & Nightmares Case
On January 20, 2022, CS:GO introduced another case with amazing skins. The Dreams & Nightmares Case consists of 17 weapons selected from the CS:GO Steam Workshop as part of the Dreams & Nightmares contest and the Gamma knives from the Operation Riptide Case as rare special items.
The Best CS:GO Cases to Open in 2023
CS:GO cases were added to the game in 2013 and became an integral part of the game. There are more than 30 cases nowadays, and we are really sure that the amount will be more impressive shortly.
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