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How to Get Cases in Counter-Strike 2

If you play Counter-Strike a lot, your inventory becomes pretty much filled with various cases. The problem is that you obviously don’t control what the game gives you through the random drops. To get a skin from a specific collection or to make potentially the best investment possible, you should know how to get cases in CS2 beyond that randomness. The article gives all the information.

CS2 cases are not different from the same items in CS:GO. We could imagine it being a container with various skins inside — you open a case, and get something. The exact CS2 skin you get depends on the odds for each case. It is all down to chance.

A case is not enough to get a skin. A CS2 key is also needed, and they are more expensive. Be aware of this!

Let’s move to the practical methods of getting cases for CS2.

Buying on Steam

This is one of the most straightforward methods for many gamers as everything happens within Steam.

  1. Launch Steam, click the “Community” tab, and choose “Market”;
  2. Choose the game and specify what you are looking for. Just typing “Case” in the search bar is enough;
  3. Scroll through the offers and find what’s best for you.

Nothing is wrong with buying CS2 cases on Steam. Still, there might be better options for your specific needs.

Buying on Third-Party Services

This method is kind of similar to the previous one — you buy CS2 cases from another person (Valve does not sell them directly), but you use a different platform for this, not Steam. The advantages here are rather specific for a marketplace user. For example, you use a platform to sell your CS2 skins, and it’s obviously better to do that on third-party services — so you can get real cash, not just Steam credit. And if you want to test your luck with a case, do it on your usual marketplace.

In addition to this, third-party platforms often offer something extra, like more detailed filters or the possibility to bid for an offer you like. Sure, these options are available on our marketplace, and you can buy CS2 cases here, on DMarket.

Just follow this link to see the listing. Specify something in the search bar or use filters such as Trade Lock to find the best offer. We have even created a guide on how to find the best offers on DMarket to help you in this process.

Another advantage worth mentioning is the thoroughly curated overviews, where you can get some valuable ideas on what to buy. For example, here is our list of the best CS2 cases.

In-Game Drops

There are only two reasons to actually pay for CS2 cases:

  • If you don’t have time to play the game (which might be true for traders);

  • If you are looking for something specific, and the random drop just doesn’t give that.

But if you are a dedicated gamer — enjoy the matches and see your inventory getting more and more cases. Purchasing keys to open everything may become an even bigger task.

So, why would someone want a specific CS2 case? They belong to different collections and contain different items. Clever investors sure check out what they can get for good profit. And if you open a case just for your personal inventory, you expect to get something that reflects your style and personality.

In all other situations, enjoy the game and get your cases! CS2 follows the tradition of CS:GO and gives cases quite generously.

Twitch Stream Drops

This is a good way to obtain a good CS2 case for free. Watch esports tournaments that offer such an option to their viewers. Sure, everyone in there hopes to get Dragon Lore or something, but it could be something else too.

This method is even more time-consuming and uncertain than getting cases from the random drop. But why not, if you watch CS2 esports anyway? It is definitely helpful for your progress as a player.

How to Open CS2 Cases

The game itself offers this option.

  1. Click the “Inventory” icon to see all your items;
  2. Find a case you want to open and click on it;
  3. Press “Unlock Container”;
  4. If you don’t have the key, the game will offer to sell you one;
  5. Enjoy the process of selecting a skin from your CS2 case.

But we will say it again: CS2 cases require a key, which cost more than the containers. Purchasing a key on a third-party service (such as DMarket) requires awareness from your side, as cases can be opened by specific keys only. Just read the name, everything is understandable.

If you love free items (and who doesn’t), you might be interested in our special guide on how to get Counter-Strike skins for free — please, check it out (but don’t expect to see cases there).

After explaining how to get cases in CS2, we still have a small piece of advice. Don’t put too much expectation on these containers. Consider the process of opening them as a fun adventure — it has too much uncertainty to build business on this or even to try and fill your inventory with great items.

For getting something specific, it is better to buy it directly, with no risk of getting something worth less than what you’ve paid for the case and the key. And DMarket is here to help you with this. Just check out CS2 skins on our marketplace.

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