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The Best Five-SeveN Skins in CS2 Under $10

Five-SeveN is an exclusive pistol for Counter-Terrorists. It costs only $500 and may be a good choice to punish reckless opponents who attack you. Among its main advantages, a large magazine capacity, high damage, and a quiet firing sound should be noted. Five-SeveN has the most accurate first two shots. Shoot like this, aiming for the head at close to medium range.

There are more than 30 skins for Five-SeveN in the game with a wide price range. If you are not ready to spend a lot of money, then our list of the best cheap Five-SeveN skins is just for you.

best cheap five-seven skins

You can buy CS2 skins in two different ways:

  • Steam (has its own trading platform)
  • 3rd party services such as DMarket. Because gamers want to trade without fees and easily withdraw money from their accounts (Steam does not provide such an opportunity).

1. Five-SeveN | Angry Mob

Five-Seven Angry Mob

Buy Five-SeveN | Angry Mob

2. Five-SeveN | Fowl Play

Five-Seven Fowl Play

Buy Five-SeveN | Fowl Play

3. Five-SeveN | Monkey Business

Five-Seven Monkey Business

Buy Five-SeveN | Monkey Business

4. Five-SeveN | Boost Protocol

Five-Seven Boost Protocol
  • Flavor Text: Callsign: MECHA 0272

  • Added: 22 September 2021

  • Quality: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $1.04

  • Collection: Operation Riptide Case

Buy Five-SeveN | Boost Protocol

Your performance in a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive depends greatly on different settings. This is one of the most critical factors to your success on the battlefield. CS console commands will be great helpers in this matter. With their help, you can add, change and even wholly replace some aspects of the game.

5. Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard

Five-Seven Urban Hazard

Buy Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard

6. Five-SeveN | Violent Daimyo

Five-SeveN Violent Daimyo

Buy Five-SeveN | Violent Daimyo

7. Five-SeveN | Retrobution

Five-Seven Retrobution

Buy Five-SeveN | Retrobution

8. Five-SeveN | Hot Shot

Five-Seven Hot Shot
  • Added: 8 August 2014

  • Quality: Industrial Grade

  • Starting Price: $1.05

  • Collection: The Cache Collection

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9. Five-SeveN | Scrawl

Five-Seven Scrawl
  • Flavor Text: The first and the last

  • Added: 21 January 2022

  • Quality: Mil-Spec

  • Starting Price: $0.06

  • Case: Dreams and Nightmares Case

Buy Five-SeveN | Scrawl

10. Five-SeveN | Triumvirate

Five-Seven Triumvirate
  • Flavor Text: I don’t profit from war, I profit from the human condition… - Booth, Arms Dealer

  • Added: 18 February 2016

  • Quality: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $1.65

  • Case: Operation Wildfire Case

  • Collection: The Wildfire Collection

Buy Five-SeveN | Triumvirate

These were the most popular Five-SeveN skins under $10 among CS players. You do not need to overpay to look worthy on the battlefield. Just trust us and buy any skin from this collection at the best prices on DMarket.

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