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ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018. The Glory of Astralis!

This huge Esports tournament is just finished in Atlanta. 16 world famous CS:GO teams were fighting it out in the Group Stage (July 21-25), and four of them were demonstrating excellent gaming skills in the fight for the championship (the Playoffs, July 28-29). Astralis, quite a legendary team from Denmark, proved worthy of its status on the CS:GO world arena – these guys finished ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 undefeated!

Astralis winner of ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 Let’s have a quick look at the tournament’s results, and let’s enjoy the video with highlights from those CS:GO matches!

Group Stage

There were two groups on ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 with eight teams in each.

  • Day 1. Astralis – Cloud9 (2:0), Team Liquid – MIBR (2:0).
  • Day 2. Na’Vi – Fnatic (2:1), FaZe Clan – Mousesport (1:2).
  • Day 3. Astralis – Team Liquid (2:0), Na’Vi – Mousesports (2:1).
  • Day 4. MIBR – Cloud9 (2:0), FaZe Clan – Fnatic (0:2).
  • Day 5. Team Liquid – MIBR (2:0), Mousesports – Fnatic (2:1).

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Playoff Matches

This stage of ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 contained only Semifinals and the Grand Final.

Eleague CS:GO Premier 2018
  • Semifinals. Astralis played against Mousesports and won with the score 2:0 (on Nuke and Mirage). Team Liquid won the game against Natus Vincere with the same score 2:0 (Dust II and Overpass).
  • Grand Final. Astralis and Team Liquid played on the maps Inferno and Nuke – Astralis won 2:0.

Let’s enjoy highlights from Grand Final and other matches can be found on the ELEAGUE TV Channel

Prize Pool

The prize pool of this CS:GO tournament was quite big – $1,000,000. It was divided in this way:

  1. Astralis, as the winner, took $500,000.
  2. Team Liquid, the second team, got $200,000.
  3. Mousesports and Natus Vincere are in 3rd-4th places, took $80,000 each.
  4. MIBR and Fnatic are 5th and 6th. Their reward is $40,000.
  5. Cloud9 and Faze Clan are 7th and 8th. They got $30,000.

Congratulations, Astralis! Thanks to all the teams for the great games!

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