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Unity Unveils 2018.1 Update

More than 330 new features have been added to the latest stable release of the world’s most widely used game development platform.

Top 13 Action Games - Best of 2017

The year 2017 is long over, but it will definitely be remembered for a number of groundbreaking action games that have resonated with the gaming community. The games differ in mechanics and platforms supported but all have some things in common: immersive gameplay, amazing high-res graphics, contagious in-game content and some other intangible factors which make them so popular.

Far Cry 5 Release Date, Trailer and Gameplay
Intro: A Perfect Launch Since early Far Cry 5 trailers were released into the wild, game critics and fans have been anxious about whether the new story could exceed their expectations to the max. To get a general picture of the game, watch the official Ubisoft Far Cry 5 trailer.
Blockchain Expo 2018: All Info

Decentralized ledger technology has gone far beyond the confines of conventional economic relationship models. Blockchain-driven solutions are gaining traction in an increasing number of industries, where small startups and large-scale enterprises strive for adopting cutting-edge protocols to create robust decentralized business ecosystems.

Iron Harvest Enjoys $1.5M+ Kickstarter Triumph
All hail Iron Harvest! A new digital game is about to bring days of jubilation to RTS fans all over the globe. After remaining in oblivion for years, realtime strategy as a popular video game genre is making a noticeable comeback.
Konami Code | List of Konami Code Games

Welcome to the legendary Konami Code! You have probably seen this mysterious symbol streak ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA (up up down down left right left right ba) on T-shirts or mugs of your geeky friends, wondering what it meant. Or maybe it appeared in a TV series, but you missed the reference since you have never played anything designed by Konami. Well, it’s time to figure out what this mysterious symbol pattern means and how it can be used.

Breaking News: Konami Terminates Contract with UEFA

The current era of football video gaming has seemingly just ended – Konami has decided to terminate its partnership with UEFA after this year’s Champions League in Kiev. The ten-year contract has come to an end, and analysts believe that this will lead to a dire period in PES history.

BAFTA Games Awards 2018 Winners
Last Thursday night, 12 April, the British Academy revealed its Games Awards 2018 winners. The red carpet was rolled out for many outstanding games that impressed video game critics and users alike. It is noteworthy that some of the surefire favorites did not come out on top this year, getting upstaged by new emerging game dev companies and their breathtaking deliverables.
Tim Walsh, VP of THQ Partners, Joins DMarket

18 April 2018 —  Santa Monica, CA —  DMarket, the world’s first and only working marketplace on blockchain for in-game items trading, is pleased to introduce its new Director of Business Development — Tim Walsh.  

DMarket Spring Cup – The First Pro Championship
We at DMarket believe that professional gaming is the future of international sports, and it won’t be long until CS:GO and Dota 2 will be added to the list of Olympic disciplines. DMarket actively participates in the popularization and development of Esports.
Tech Update on DMarket: The Full List of Features

After DMarket released its product version 2.0 Beta at the end of March, the platform development is picking up speed.  

GTA V is Now the Most Profitable Media Title Ever
Gone With the Wind? Star Wars? Avatar? Not even close. The highest-grossing entertainment product of all time is not a movie. According to a Market Watch report, Grand Theft Auto V has generated about $6 billion in sales since its 2013 release, which puts the game far ahead of any other media title in terms of commercial success.
Teams and Matches for DMarket Spring Cup

Guys! DMarket Spring Cup has just started! This is the very first Esports tournament organized by DMarket, a revolutionary platform for trading in-game items. The secondary sponsor of DMarket Spring Cup is Skins.Cash and every viewer of the Live Streams has a chance to win free CS:GO skins from this service.

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