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CS2 Knife Commands | How to Test Any Knife in CS2

Knives in CS2 serve several practical functions in-game. Beyond the obvious ability to eliminate opponents silently and efficiently, they are also used for their speed advantage in certain situations, allowing players to navigate the map quickly.

Moreover, the act of securing a kill with a knife, often seen as a display of skill and bravado, can demoralize opponents and boost team morale. Despite these uses, the allure of CS2 knives lies predominantly in their cosmetic value, with rare skins and animations being highly sought after in the game’s community.

Transitioning from the cultural and functional significance of knives in CS2, many players seek to customize their in-game experience by changing their default knife to one that better suits their style or showcases a rare skin. This customization is made possible through the use of the developer console and inputting specific console commands. Players can experiment with different knives directly in the game, allowing them to visualize and test various knives in real-time scenarios without the need to purchase or unlock them first.

How to Test Knives in CS2

Testing different knives allows you to find the best fit for your style and preferences, making your CS2 experience more enjoyable and personalized. The right knife can enhance your overall gaming experience through its aesthetics, animations, and the personal satisfaction it brings.

Exploring different knives in Counter-Strike 2 without buying them involves a few straightforward steps. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Once you’re in the game, enable the Developer Console by pressing the tilde key (~);
  2. Input the commands “sv_cheats 1” and “mp_drop_knife_enable 1” into the console, pressing enter after each command. These commands enable cheat functions and allow you to drop knives.
  3. After activating the necessary commands, press the G key to drop your current knife;
  4. Aim your crosshair down at the ground and access the developer console once more;
  5. Enter one of the knife commands provided below, and your selected knife will appear.
sv_cheats 1 and mp_drop_knife_enable 1 in CS2 dropping a knife in CS2 subclass_create 514 command in CS2
sv_cheats 1 and mp_drop_knife_enable 1 in CS2 dropping a knife in CS2 subclass_create 514 command in CS2

All CS2 Knife Commands

Bowie Knife

subclass_create 514

Butterfly Knife

subclass_create 515

Classic Knife

subclass_create 503

Falchion Knife

subclass_create 512

Flip Knife

subclass_create 505

Gut Knife

subclass_create 506

Huntsman Knife

subclass_create 509


subclass_create 507

Kukri Knife

subclass_create 526

M9 Bayonet

subclass_create 508

Navaja Knife

subclass_create 520

Nomad Knife

subclass_create 521

Paracord Knife

subclass_create 517

Shadow Daggers

subclass_create 516

Skeleton Knife

subclass_create 525

Stiletto Knife

subclass_create 522

Survival Knife

subclass_create 518

Talon Knife

subclass_create 523

Ursus Knife

subclass_create 519

By enabling users to experiment with different knives, CS2 fosters a more personalized gaming environment where players can align their in-game appearance with their personal preferences.

Whether it’s for the thrill of trying out rare skins or simply finding the perfect match for one’s playstyle, the ability to test any knife in CS2 is a testament to the game’s versatile and player-centric design.

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