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All Crosshair Commands in CS2
There is no doubt about the importance of the crosshair in CS2. This small thing on the screen helps you shoot accurately in various dynamic situations and on different backgrounds. At the same time, the crosshair should not take too much attention, distracting players from the action.
The Most Useful CS2 Console Commands
Counter-Strike 2 has taken quite a few steps towards better accessibility in customizing various settings. Many options are available directly in the game menu, which is quite in tune with modern standards. Still, console commands are also here, if you prefer this classic approach, and if you’re looking for the finest adjustments possible.
CS2 Knife Commands | How to Test Any Knife in CS2
Knives in CS2 serve several practical functions in-game. Beyond the obvious ability to eliminate opponents silently and efficiently, they are also used for their speed advantage in certain situations, allowing players to navigate the map quickly.
What is HUD | All HUD Commands in CS2
Counter-Strike 2 is as flexible in its settings as CS:GO was. In fact, there is no big difference in the process of using the developer console. CS2 HUD commands will help you change the settings of various on-screen elements, including the heads-up display.
The Best CS2 Practice Commands And Configs
Whether you’re a veteran CS player or are just getting started, it’s pretty clear that this is a game that requires practice. Most FPS games require some degree of practice and dedication to improve, but CS2 is in a class of its own.
All CS:GO Knife Commands | How to Test Any Knife in CS:GO
CS:GO players know all about the cool skins and items that can be bought on the marketplace. The problem is, these items can cost a decent amount of money and it’s hard to decide exactly what you want without getting to try it out first.
CS:GO Radio Commands and How to Use Them
In CS:GO, teamwork often makes the difference between winning or losing. A big part of this teamwork is communication and many players choose to use a headset for this purpose. However some players may have reasons not to use headsets but they still need a way to communicate.
Funny CS:GO Console Commands To Use In The Game
Did you know that you can add some fun to your CS:GO game by using console commands? Yes, there are a number of CS:GO console commands that you can use to make the game more interesting and enjoyable.
CS:GO Viewmodel Commands
Like with all other console commands, those related to viewmodel become effective only after gaining decent experience with the game. While your skills are improving, you may face annoying obstacles — but adjust some settings, and you will have a clear road to success.
CS:GO and CS2 Bot Commands You Will Definitely Need
Ever since the early beginnings of Counter-Strike, bots have had their place in this game. Back in the day, the internet wasn’t fast enough for online multiplayer, and Counter-Strike was mostly played on LAN or offline against bots.
All CS:GO Cheat Commands | How to Use Cheats in CS:GO
The title of this article might seem confusing. However, it is not one of those articles that promote illegal CS:GO cheating. It is about legal CS:GO cheat commands that are primarily used for practice and fun.
All CS:GO Crosshair Commands
There are a lot of different essential factors and settings you should consider before playing in CS:GO. One of those factors is your crosshair. A well-chosen crosshair will definitely improve your game and increase the number of frags.
CS:GO and CS2 Give Weapon Commands List
Like many other games, Counter-Strike has a console that allows you to manage your settings and mechanics. You don’t need to know all the CS:GO commands; it is enough to learn the basic things and use them in practice to see the effect.
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