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Teams and Matches for DMarket Spring Cup

Guys! DMarket Spring Cup has just started! This is the very first Esports tournament organized by DMarket, a revolutionary platform for trading in-game items. The secondary sponsor of DMarket Spring Cup is Skins.Cash and every viewer of the Live Streams has a chance to win free CS:GO skins from this service.

Eight CS:GO teams are invited to participate in the DMarket Spring Cup. They will fight it out during four days of the tournament. The group stage takes place on the 13th-14th of April and the final will be held on the 15th-16th

The tournament prize pool is $5,000. The biggest part will go to the winner ($3,000), the 2nd place team will get $1,000, and the teams in 3rd and 4th places will get $500 each.

The Full List of Teams:

  • EURONICS Gaming

  • Fnatic Academy  

  • Wind and Rain

  • Nexus

  • Great Danes

  • Paris Gaming School  

  • GoodJob

  • Bpro

The teams are divided into two groups. The winners of the group stage will play semifinal matches against the second-placed teams.

The details are clearly explained in this image:

groups spring cup All the exciting matches can be watched online on Twitch: WeKnowHow (English), Th3SuspectTV (Russian), t4pochek (Russian, April 15 and 16), and EPW CSGO (German). Join the crowd and participate in skins Giveaways from Skins.Cash!

The information of this post will be updated with the results of the competition – visit it later or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news.

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