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The Best CS2 Skins for Sniper Rifles

Counter-Strike offers players a large selection of weapons, and sniper rifles have always been the go-to choice for many players out there. This is due to the advantages that sniper rifles generally offer, such as high accuracy at long distances and the ability to eliminate an enemy with a single shot.

However, just like all weapons in CS:GO, sniper rifles come with their own disadvantages and are generally considered to be a high-risk/high-reward option.

Needless to say, these weapons also come with a wide variety of skins so if you fancy using these deadly weapons, you might want to take a look at our list of the best CS2 skins for sniper rifles.

best cs2 skins for sniper rifles

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1. AWP | Hyper Beast

AWP Hyper Beast
  • Flavor Text: You really want to impress me Booth? Make this black light sensitive - Rona Sabri, Rising Star

  • Added: 26 May 2015

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $19.37

  • Case: Falchion Case

  • Collection: The Falchion Collection

Buy AWP | Hyper Beast

2. G3SG1 | Chronos

G3SG1 Chronos

Buy G3SG1 | Chronos

3. SSG 08 | Dragonfire

SSG 08 Dragonfire
  • Flavor Text: Sit on your horde and wait for any who come to take it

  • Added: 29 November 2016

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $12.94

  • Case: Glove Case

  • Collection: The Glove Collection

Buy SSG 08 | Dragonfire

4. SCAR-20 | Cyrex

SCAR-20 Cyrex

Buy SCAR-20 | Cyrex

5. AWP | Wildfire

AWP Wildfire
  • Flavor Text: The nail that sticks out gets the hammer

  • Added: 18 October 2019

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $35.23

  • Case: CS20 Case

  • Collection: The CS20 Collection

Buy AWP | Wildfire

6. G3SG1 | Violet Murano

G3SG1 Violet Murano
  • Flavor Text: Death by a thousand beads
  • Added: 19 November 2019
  • Quality: Mil-Spec
  • Starting Price: $27.36
  • Collection: The Canals Collection

Buy G3SG1 | Violet Murano

7. AWP | Silk Tiger

AWP Silk Tiger
  • Flavor Text: A national treasure—the tiger, not the AWP

  • Added: 3 December 2020

  • Quality: Classified

  • Starting Price: $165.00

  • Collection: The Havoc Collection

Buy AWP | Silk Tiger

8. SSG 08 | Death Strike

SSG 08 Death Strike
  • Flavor Text: That’s gonna sting…
  • Added: 22 September 2021
  • Quality: Classified
  • Starting Price: $98.00
  • Collection: The 2021 Dust 2 Collection

Buy SSG 08 | Death Strike

9. AWP | Dragon Lore

AWP Dragon Lore
  • Flavor Text: 200 keys could never unlock its secrets

  • Added: 1 July 2014

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $2 514.39

  • Collection: The Cobblestone Cobllection

Buy AWP | Dragon Lore

All great professional CS players customize their crosshair settings to their own personal preferences. Check out our article on this topic if you wish to tailor your own settings like a pro.

10. AWP | Medusa

AWP Medusa
  • Flavor Text: If you can see me, you’re already dead
  • Added: 26 May 2015
  • Quality: Covert
  • Starting Price: $3260.82
  • Collection: The Gods and Monsters Collection

Buy AWP | Medusa

11. SSG 08 | Abyss

SSG 08 Abyss

Buy SSG 08 | Abyss

12. AWP | Containment Breach

AWP Containment Breach

Buy AWP | Containment Breach

13. AWP | Oni Taiji

AWP Oni Taiji

Buy AWP | Oni Taiji

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14. AWP | Desert Hydra

AWP Desert Hydra
  • Flavor Text: Cutting off one head means two more appear—is that a risk you’re willing to take? - Valeria Jenner, Revolutionary

  • Added: 22 September 2021

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $1 831.00

  • Collection: The 2021 Mirage Collection

Buy AWP | Desert Hydra

15. SSG 08 | Fever Dream

SSG 08 Fever Dream

Buy SSG 08 | Fever Dream

This completes our list of some of the best CS2 skins for sniper rifles that you can get your hands on. So if you prefer being deadly from a distance and want to add some flair to your one-shot kills, then consider purchasing one of the many beautiful skins on this list.

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