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DMarket Wallet for Android: Discover New Features
Bringing groundbreaking innovations to the gaming industry, DMarket combines disruptive technical solutions with hi-tech and easy to use tools. As one of such tools, the DMarket Wallet for Android expands users’ opportunities for safe and seamless management of digital and cryptocurrency assets.
New ‘Lost on Mars’ DLC for Far Cry 5 to Be Released
A few days ago Ubisoft announced the release date of its next expansion pack to complement the fascinating Far Cry 5 storyline. Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars is the second of three pieces of post-launch DLC and is slated to be out on July 17th.
TOP 7 Exclusive Titles for PS4 (Video Gameplay)
While PC games are still on top, consoles have bigger potential for the entire gaming industry than ever before. This became possible due to the successful strategic steps of console makers, who managed to equip their 8th Gen devices with state-of-the-art graphic and audio capabilities, smooth performance and some other competitive advantages.
TOP Video Gaming Industry Trends of 2018
Revenues on the Rise Among current gaming industry trends, this one is the most stable, remaining relevant year after year and even decade after decade. According to research firm Newzoo, global games market revenues have been growing at double-digit rates since at least 2012, and the pace is expected to keep up at least until 2021.
Two Horror-Themed Titles Launch on PlayStation VR
High-precision PSVR Headset For the uninitiated, PSVR is a state-of-the-art headset with a controller bringing enhanced experience to video games. The PlayStation VR system has gained much popularity among gamers since Sony Interactive Entertainment brought this head-mounted peripheral to the gaming console market in 2016.
NieR: Automata Officially Hits the Xbox One Market
The NieR: Automata’s Comeback Last week NieR: Automata officially extended its digital footprint on the Xbox One platform. PlatinumGames together with Square Enix responded to Xbox gamers’ clamor for having their own version of the groundbreaking title, which was initially released on PC and PlayStation 4 in March 2017.
The Crew 2 Goes Full Throttle: Gameplay Overview
The Crew 2 Gameplay Improvements Despite the fact that E3 2018 is over, the event still has aces up its sleeve. This time it’s all about a new racing game, The Crew 2, developed by Ivory Tower for Ubisoft.
Announcement to the Steam Community
We’re all aware of recent landmark events in the Steam Community. Opskins was among the first to trade skins on Steam. Starting with Skins.cash and then DMarket, we worked alongside our peers in a climate of mutual respect and healthy competition.
Get Your Veteran Medal Memorabilia!
If you recognize the real value of virtual items, if you know which skins give you bragging rights in CS:GO or Dota 2, then you are hardly new to the gaming community. To celebrate your commitment to gaming and highlight your old hand status, DMarket is starting a giveaway of a special Veteran Medal.
Steam Skins API | Trading on Dmarket
The in-game items market is rapidly growing, attracting more and more wholesalers who buy and sell virtual goods in large amounts. To be efficient, such business requires algorithmic trading, because manually managing so many transactions is too time-consuming.
The Best Announcements of E3 2018

As E3 2018 has come to an end, gamers are left with their hands full of promising releases, trailers, teasers as well as unveiled announcements.

The Main Reasons for Battle Royale Games Success
Starting off in 2017, a contagious game subgenre commonly referred to as Battle Royale became popular as PUBG and Fortnite made their appearance on the gaming scene. Since then the battle royale trend has gained much global traction among gamers, with millions of concurrent players engaged in fights to the death.
Introducing DMarket Wallet for iOS
Pushing digital items trading to a whole new level, DMarket is combining innovative technical solutions with focus on convenient tools for utilizing those innovations. The deployment of DMarket Wallet for iOS fits into that focus perfectly, expanding users’ opportunities for safe and seamless management of their digital and cryptocurrency assets.
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