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Top 15 Skins That Look Better in CS2

Besides the much-anticipated map overhauls and updates, the entire game will now be running on the Source 2 engine. This means far more advanced lighting and particle effects, and better textures for virtually every aspect of the game.

This includes the skins in CS2 and many are excited about how skins look in the engine with the enhanced effects.

Below, we’ll go over the top 15 skins that definitely look better in Counter-Strike 2.

1. M4A1-S | Hot Rod

M4A1-S Hot Rod

This is definitely one of the OG skins that has been around since the very early days. This bright red skin gets the bolder look it deserves in CS2, especially with the black accents. This one likely won’t change much in price, but it will look significantly better.

Buy M4A1 S | Hot Rod

2. Doppler (Phase 2)

Doppler Knives (Phase 2)

The fluid patterns ensure that no two knives are identical, making your blade as unique as your gameplay. The Phase 2 Doppler looks absolutely awesome no matter what knife you’re holding in your hands.

Сolors became even deeper and more saturated. The knives are impossible to turn away from.

Buy Doppler Knives (Phase 2)

3. AWP | Sun In Leo

AWP Sun In Leo

This was already a popular skin for those looking for a lower-priced skin that still looks pretty good on the AWP. The only downside is that the patterns on the skin were often hard to see due to the darker color tones.

In CS2 that changes and now the Zodiac signs and other details pop much more. It also has some nice dark blue/purple highlights that add to the overall look when reflecting light.

Buy AWP | Sun In Leo

4. Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption

Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption

Another skin for the iconic Deagle, Cobalt Disruption was always a bit ordinary. Not just due to the somewhat dull appearance, it also looked low-res for some reason.

Thankfully, CS2 fixes all that and this skin gets the full glow-up treatment. If you’re looking for a brilliant blue skin, this one may be perfect for you. It really shines and some aspects even have a cool 3D effect in certain lighting conditions. Check out the list with the best 3D skins in CS2.

Buy Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption

5. USP-S | The Traitor

USP-S The Traitor

This looked good before, but you could totally tell the old CS:GO engine was limiting its potential. With the release of CS2, we can now see this skin truly shine. The improvement in this skin should make it go up in value when CS2 launches and players get a look at it.

Buy USP-S | The Traitor

6. Glock-18 | Gamma Doppler

Glock-18 Gamma Doppler

Drenched in mesmerizing hues of neon green, deep blue and mysterious black, this pistol skin embodies the ferocity of nature’s gamma rays, fused seamlessly with the sleekness of modern design.

Every angle reveals intricacies in its pattern, making it not just a tool, but a masterpiece in your arsenal. In CS2, Glock-18 | Gamma Doppler is even more attractive thanks to its iridescence.

Buy Glock-18 | Gamma Doppler

7. Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco

Desert Eagle Bronze Deco

This was another rather dull skin and not very popular in CS:GO. The old game engine just couldn’t make that bronze color pop the way it should. In the new CS2 engine, the bronze looks so much better and this skin now shines like its name suggests.

This one is also not as popular as other skin upgrades, so you might be able to get a deal on this one before the community catches on.

Buy Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco

8. a8db:aaf1421169161352d005d3752add46c6

CZ75 Auto Xiangliu

The pink and gold snakes engraved on this skin were loved by some while others didn’t really like it. However, with the new CS2 engine, those snakes look much better. So for those who liked them, you’ll like this skin even more.

Better hurry though, this one has been rising in price and will likely keep doing so when CS2 drops.

Buy CZ75 | Auto Xiangliu

9. AUG | Carved Jade

AUG Carved Jade

This was always a decent-looking skin so don’t expect huge changes, but in CS2 the overall lighting updates make Carved Jade even better. The reflections are improved and you can see an almost glittering effect at certain angles.

Buy AUG | Carved Jade

10. Glock 18 | Twilight Galaxy

Glock 18 Twilight Galaxy

This was arguably one of the dullest skins in CS:GO. Many players complained that it almost didn’t look like a real skin and instead looked like some cheap overlay. But all that changes in CS2 and it looks great.

It has an almost glowing quality now with light reflections that sparkle. This is a great skin to check out if you passed on it before due to its lackluster properties in CS:GO.

Buy Glock 18 | Twilight Galaxy

11. CZ75-Auto | Emerald

CZ75-Auto Emerald

This gem of a skin gleams in an unblemished shade of resplendent green, reminiscent of the rarest emeralds mined from the heart of the Earth.

CZ75-Auto | Emerald will become even brighter, enhancing its popularity and demand among players and skin collectors. With such a weapon, you will definitely become invincible on the battlefield.

Buy CZ75-Auto | Emerald

12. P2000 | Imperial Dragon

P2000 Imperial Dragon

This skin is enhanced by the overall graphical capabilities of the new CS2 engine. The details and line art show much more contrast and are easy to spot even at a distance. The background color also gets a nice boost, creating a much deeper overall look.

Buy P2000 | Imperial Dragon

13. Five-SeveN | Copper Galaxy

Five-SeveN Copper Galaxy

This was always an affordable skin but that was mostly due to its lackluster appearance. Instead of copper or metal, it ended up looking rusty in most lighting conditions. Not exactly the brilliance people want in a skin.

In CS2, it has a much more polished look and a gold tint. The reflective surface looks much better than the old version.

Buy Five-SeveN | Copper Galaxy

14. MAC-10 | Gold Brick

MAC-10 Gold Brick

Gold skins are supposed to be for special events, or at least that was the original plan when released. But all gold skins get a huge upgrade in CS2 and look brilliant.

Gold Brick is one of the best examples of this improvement. The square look of the MAC-10 helps to provide plenty of surface area for the gold to shine.

Buy MAC-10 | Gold Brick

15. M4A1-S | Moss Quartz

M4A1-S Moss Quartz

Many players probably don’t even remember seeing this skin in-game, let alone using it themselves. That’s mostly because the dark shade of the original skin rarely showed up unless in direct sunlight and at the right angle.

In CS2 M4A1-S | Moss Quartz gets lighter, with more brilliant green highlights that should be visible in almost all conditions and angles.

Other players will notice this skin a lot more now, making it more appealing and likely adding to its value. If you have this skin but aren’t that into it, you can trade CS2 skins on sites like DMarket. When the value goes up, you may be able to get something you’ve had your eye on in return.

Buy M4A1-S | Moss Quartz

When CS2 drops, you’ll be able to find rare skins on DMarket, like pretty much any of the Gamma Doppler knives that will probably go up in price after the update goes live.

Not only because of the improved looks, the launch of CS2 will likely bring in a lot of old players who have moved on to other games over the years. The whole community should grow and with skins being priced on supply and demand, that means higher prices all around.

So if you’ve been eyeing any of these skins but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, you might want to go for it. It will likely cost you more the longer you wait. Find out more posts related to Counter-Strike 2:

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