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Steam Summer Sale: Earn With DMarket and Buy More Games

Steam is a kind of impressively huge Multiverse, where every dimension is a new game, full of breathtaking adventures. Alas, players need special tickets to enter most of them - and those licences cost money.

We have all probably been in such a situation, when there is an awesome game on Steam, but our wallet is full of powerful winds instead of cash. Thank goodness, the lords from Valve are generous enough to bless gamers with regular periods of discounts, Steam Sales, when many of these games are available for a much, much lower price. The good news is that the Steam Summer Sale is right around the corner!

Ok, so what’s the bad news? (yeah, we also have that to tell you). That money barrier is still here, albeit you just need less, or you can look at it as getting more games for the same price. But guys, DMarket is here to demolish this barrier for you!

But before we go into a simple working scheme, let’s highlight another great advantage of taking part in DMarket Summer Sale. Yep, it’s about getting free stuff, because you know, everybody loves free stuff. So, when you purchase anything through DMarket for just $30, you automatically participate in our weekly giveaway - three weeks of awesome prizes. Don’t miss this chance!

Sell Skins for a Profit

Buy skins from any Steam game for $30 or more in one transaction, starting from June 16. Do it before the first giveaway, and you’ll automatically participate in the rest.

Buy Skins and Win Prizes Here is a simple working scheme on how to get money in time for the Steam Summer Sale 2021.

Clever Investment

You have a couple of bucks in your pocket. Make them grow!

DMarket organizes special offers - game items with discounts. These are from different games:

Invest your basic funds in skins from the page of special offers. Discounts there are so sweet, that you might consider purchasing something for your personal use. But that’s a different story.

Buy skins to get money for Steam Summer Sale offers. So, the question is, how to convert skins into cash and get more than you’ve invested?

Summer Sale on DMarket

How to Sell Skins for a Profit

Offers on DMarket are a tricky thing. They might be here one day but gone the next as those discounts quickly disappear, so thousands of traders and millions of gamers have no other choice but to purchase game items for their usual price. And now here you arrive on the scene - offering stuff from your inventory.

How Sell Skins for a Profit
  1. Buy skins cheaper on DMarket
  2. Sell them for a bit more money
  3. Wait for the Steam Summer Sale date
  4. Buy as many games as you wish to

Some Secrets to the Scheme

The algorithm is pretty straightforward. But to make the recipe even more effective, consider adding these spices:

  • It’s better to invest in items from the game you personally enjoy and understand. You need to know the community and get round those tricky moments to feel what your future customers are considering purchasing. A basic experience with the game and some knowledge of the eSports scene will be super helpful.

  • In-expensive skins are more popular, but you need to sell a lot to make a profit. Rare and expensive skins might need to wait for their new owner for a long period of time, but just one sale could bring more money than dozens of cheap items. Just keep that in mind. You also could take tips from this article How to Start Investing in CS:GO.

  • Don’t try to sell for too big a price. Make your offers a bit cheaper than those of your competitors, and you will have money for your games in no time.

  • Check DMarket offers regularly. Some new discounted skins might appear, so don’t miss them.

When is the Steam Summer Sale?

Steam Summer Sale 2021

Valve keeps this info secret. We only know that it will be this year, like the previous one, and like the next one.

And then there will be the Steam Autumn Sale, and Winter Sale, and Spring Sale. This means that you don’t have to hurry and sell your discounted purchases until a specific date. Be patient and buy games you actually will play in the next few months. Keep an eye on DMarket posts so as not to miss new offers and to activate the same scheme for future Steam Sales.

Trade on the go - install the mobile app of DMarket from Google Play or App Store. Never miss great prices and unique skins. The best CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust and TF2 marketplace is always at hand!

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