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The Crew 2 Goes Full Throttle: Gameplay Overview

The Crew 2 Gameplay Improvements

Despite the fact that E3 2018 is over, the event still has aces up its sleeve. This time it’s all about a new racing game, The Crew 2, developed by Ivory Tower for Ubisoft. During his interview at E3 Stephane Beley, the game’s creative director at Ubisoft, said that the dev team totally reworked and improved the gameplay and the very concept of The Crew 2, while considering lessons learned from the original title. The sequel reportedly factored in major issues like tricky UI, lousy story-telling, and use of microtransactions. As for now, the open beta reviews are quite positive, so fans are looking forward to exploring the title on June 29th, 2018. So here’s all you should know about The Crew 2.

The Crew 2: a Race Challenge Game

The Crew 2 is an ambitious attempt to cater to both simulation racing and arcade games fans as it deftly combines the traits of these two genres. The title also respects the interests of PC gamers as well as the fortunate owners of most popular video gaming consoles, as Ubisoft is to roll out game versions for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at once.

The original game doesn’t feature in our list of top racing and simulation games ever. The Crew had its own aesthetics that made it stand out from the crowd but had major weaknesses. With The Crew 2 coming out on the gaming stage, Ubisoft did its best to gather and measure players’ feedback in order to preserve all the positive features, while getting rid of many gameplay shortcomings and tech glitches. The sequel goes even further and tries to tap into the advantages that modern video graphics and computational capabilities can provide.

As such, The Crew 2 can brag about a refurbished storyline free of most clichéd stuff and its newly-coined immersive non-linear gameplay.

Multiple Playable Locations

The Crew 2 is set in an open-world environment that allows players to explore the unparalleled vastness of America. The massive map is divided into four main regions:

  1. The mountainous West
  2. The prairial Midwest
  3. The swampy South 
  4. The woody East Coast

the crew 2 main regions The gaming area is littered with a bevy of far-famed national locales in the vicinities of the Grand Canyon, the Mississippi River, Sequoia Park, the Rocky Mountains and many others. Such picturesque urban sites like New York City, San Francisco, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Chicago are also within reach for players. Unlike the original game, here in The Crew 2 gamers are free to traverse from one coast to the other at the very beginning, with no strings attached.

Manifold Vehicles

The Crew 2 opens its doors to admirers of virtually all types of sporting vehicles. Players have exceptional opportunities to ride and pilot a huge range of trucks, boats, off-road buggies, even stunt planes, let alone cars and motorcycles.

crew 2 range of trucks crew 2 boats crew 2 off-road buggies crew 2 cars crew 2 motorcycles crew 2 planes
crew 2 range of trucks crew 2 boats crew 2 off-road buggies crew 2 cars crew 2 motorcycles crew 2 planes

Engaging mainline races along with side challenges offer fans much gameplay variety as it is confirmed that players will be able to switch between different types of transport at any moment of the racing contest in the blink of an eye. The ways to control various vehicles are quite different, so it takes players a great deal of time and effort to master all types of wheels. Let’s just hope Ubisoft found a seamless development solution here that won’t mar the game performance in terms of lower FPS rate and stuttering issues.    

Four Unique Factions

The title sets its fans loose in playing both single and multiplayer modes, though putting much more emphasis on the latter. The Crew 2 also has a co-op multiplayer mode enabling players to take part in various rally raids together with their friends. The game features four main factions or hubs, aka Motor Families, namely:

  1. Street Racing,
  2. Pro Racing,
  3. Freestyle and
  4. Off-road

Each one has its own gameplay peculiarities, such as mentors, main rivals, meeting places and disciplines. As players progress through the storyline in every faction, the new content is unlocked up to the point where they can challenge the main rival of the Family to get a chance of winning the major race and be eventually awarded with an unparalleled unique vehicle.

Leveraging the Customization Benefits

The game allows players to customize every single in-game means of transport, which amounts to 250 units, by tailoring them according to their own tastes. Once any significant race event is finished, the winners usually receive a reward in the form of collectibles or additional car parts. While some of them are purely cosmetic and aimed to change only the visual appearance of a pet vehicle, the others in the meantime can drastically upgrade a car or a truck thus giving a great competitive boost. Every trophy players might gain has its rarity status and can be acquired only via completing the most arduous racing challenges.   

All in all, The Crew 2 deserves particular attention from the gaming community. And we’ll soon see whether it picks up speed among racing fans.

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