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The Most Useful Console Commands in CS:GO and CS2

Whether you’re new to CS:GO or have been playing for a while then you already know how competitive it can be. The smallest detail can be the difference between winning or losing a match or specific gunfight.

This means that players who want to be successful need to use every advantage they can find to give themselves an edge over enemy players.

One of the easiest ways to gain an edge is by taking advantage of the CS commands available in-game. By using these commands, players can access more information in the game as well as other perks which help them play at their peak.

Below, we’ll look at how to get started with CS:GO console commands as well as the best commands to give you a serious edge in your next match.

How to Open Console on CS:GO and CS2?

To enter a console command, you must activate the console. This is a very simple process.

  • To open the console in CS:GO, press the tilde button “~*” while you are playing the game.

By default, the possibility to activate the console is enabled. If the tilde doesn’t work, this is how to enable console in CSGO:

  1. Launch CS:GO and click on the ““Options” button from the main menu.
  2. Choose the “Game Settings”.
  3. Set “Yes” near “Enable Developer Console”.
settings menu in CS:GO Game settings in CS:GO Enable developer console in CS:GO
settings menu in CS:GO Game settings in CS:GO Enable developer console in CS:GO

Most of the professional players use console commands - as these allow their talent to bloom to its full power. Some of these guys are mentioned in this post as The 10 Best CS:GO Players in the World (2020).

How to Use Console Commands in CS:GO?

settings menu in CS:GO

The game has more than three thousand commands that change different settings. Each of these has its own specific purpose. For example, CS:GO commands help to:

  • Make the game interface more convenient for you;
  • Improve game performance on an outdated PC;
  • Change CS:GO crosshair to make your shots even more accurate;
  • Activate CS:GO cheat commands to create special conditions for training or just to have fun with friends;
  • Change settings for your mouse.

There is one major thing that can’t be changed with the CSGO console commands - and that’s the appearance of your weapon arsenal. To look great during matches you may have to spend long hours hoping to get something nice from the random drop. Or instead, you can buy CS:GO skins on DMarket and amaze everyone on the server with your unique style.

The Most Useful CS:GO Commands

  • cl_showfps

This command displays FPS in the top left corner of your screen. Set “0” to hide this information, “1” if you want to see FPS, and from “2” to “5” to see additional metrics.

  • cl_radar_always_centered

This CS:GO command centers the radar and allows you to see the whole map.

  • voice_scale [value]

We have all had that team member who just gets a little too excited when doing callouts. Or maybe that’s you? Either way, using this command helps keep the voice chat at a comfortable level so you can focus on in-game sound to help you play better. You can set any value from 0 (muted) to 1 (100% volume).

  • voice_enable 0

This CS:GO command can be helpful if you prefer not to use voice chat during a game or if you want to disable voice chat temporarily for any reason.

  • net_graph 1

We all know milliseconds matter in shooters and CS:GO is no different. This command gives you instant access to ping, frame rate, and other data so you can see if lag or other system issues are holding you back in gunfights.

  • cl_hud_playercount_showcount 1

This command will display of the number of players in your team and the enemy team. Check out other HUD commands in Counter-Strike.

  • give_weapon_[name of weapon]

If you have cheats enabled, you can practice with any weapon in the game during private matches. This works for all weapons and you just need the correct weapon name. Here is a full list of give weapon commands for reference.

  • bot_add

If you want to warm up your aim before a match, you can use this in a private game to add a bot. Use this full list of bot commands to see all your options when adding bots.

  • fps_max 0

The game should be able to run at much higher frame rates than 60 on most newer gaming rigs. Make sure to unlock the frame rate with this command. We all know the better the frame rate, the better you can track targets. So don’t get stuck at 60 fps.

  • sv_cheats 1

This allows the setup of a personal server and you can test out CS:GO commands of all types. Check out this list of cheat commands if you want to see what is available when experimenting with cheats. Some of these are useful and some are just fun, so make sure to take a look.

  • novid

This one is pretty simple and just turns off the intro videos. If you’ve seen these a million times already and don’t want to see them again, this command is all you need. Your game will also load a few seconds faster without these videos.

  • noclip

This command that allows you to move through walls and other solid objects in the game.

  • cl_righthand 0

Viewmodel CS commands like this change how your character looks on screen and have in-game advantages when used correctly. In this case, using “0” places the weapon in the character’s left hand. A value of “1” is the default right hand. See this full list of viewmodel commands to explore all the possibilities.

  • cl_show_team_equipment

This CS:GO command allows you to see the equipment of your teammates when in set to “1”. This can be useful for coordinating strategies. Set “0” if you don’t need this.

  • disconnect

This command is used to leave a server. After entering, you will be taken back to the game’s main menu.

  • quit

When you type this command into the console and press Enter, the game will be closed, and you will return to your desktop.

For a different type of decal, in this case, stickers, check out this article on popular NFT use cases to see how these digital assets can be used beyond just in-game items.

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