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Discord Launches Game Store Closed Beta

The world of gaming is ever-changing, continually developing. One day we see the absolute power of Steam in the area of selling games, and then competitors pop-up, trying to destroy the monopoly of Valve…

Discord, well known in the gaming community as a super convenient messenger and voice chat, is going to release its own game store. It’s in beta testing right now, but we already know something exciting about the Discord Store.

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Game Boutique

Rushing into a crowded industry without any unique idea is like committing business suicide. Discord acts differently! The company doesn’t try to make a copy of Steam, and this is definitely a great start.

Discord Game Store The idea of the Discord Store is providing specially selected games, recommended by the Discord team. Some great titles are already there: Dead Cells, Frost Punk, Hollow Knight, Into the Breach, and others.

We’ll be launching a curated game store experience similar to one of those cozy neighborhood book shops with recommendations about the hottest and newest games from us to you, – the Discord team says in its official post.

Do you like this idea? It’s an advantage for those who don’t like seeing piles of trash games on the “shelves” of Steam Store.

We at DMarket also care about your gaming experience, that’s why all sorts useful insights appear on our blog. For example, here you may check our list of The 45 Best PC Games Ever.

Two other interesting features promised by Discord are:

  • Selling indie-exclusives released with the support of the company. Such “First on Discord” games will be available only on the new store during the first 90 days of their existence.
  • Universal game library. The application will be able to scan your computer, find installed games and add them to one convenient place.

Considering the core of Discord, we expect the upcoming store to be whirling around communications of gamers.

A Beta version of Discord Store is available now for a limited number of subscribers of the Discord Nitro service. In the future, this subscription will give temporary access to the game collection without buying these titles to your library.

Discord Nitro Recently, Valve took a step into the territory of Discord, releasing a voice chat in Steam.

Also, Valve continues the practice of developing games, not just selling them. The newest project of the company is Artifact, a digital collectible card game based on the Dota 2 universe.

Other Competitors to Steam

Of course, Discord Store is not the only alternative source of games. There are also:

  •, a store with quite a similar spirit to the Discord project. This is a selection of great games with a focus on classic titles (GOG means Good Old Games.)
  • Humble Bundle, a platform for selling all sorts of digital content, including video games. The main feature here is selling various bundles with nice prices for particular games. The Humble Bundle store is tightly connected to Steam. In fact, customers buy Steam license keys here.
  • Uplay, an exclusive store of the Ubisoft company.
  • Origin, an official trading platform for EA games.

What do you think, guys, will be Discord Store able to compete seriously with Steam? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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