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Dreamleague S13 The Leipzig Major - Overview

The Leipzig or 7.23 Major has already finished, and here we sum up the second of the five big tournaments this season. Sixteen of the world’s best teams have fought for $1,000,000 and 15,000 DPC points in Leipzig.

This was the first major after 7.23 - one of the biggest Dota 2 patches ever. We’ve prepared all 7.23’s patch notes in our article Dota 2 The Outlanders Update.

Leipzig is a new town for significant esport events and all the more for Dreamleague. The hometown for this tournament is Stockholm. But Leipzig coped with it correctly, and most importantly, the dota was interesting.

dreamleague season 13 leipzig

The last Dreamleague Major was held in March 2019, and it was Season 11 in Stockholm. In the Grand Final, Vici Gaming won 3:2 against and got the first major’s victory of the DPC season 2018-2019. The Grand final of The Leipzig Major had the same five maps to reveal the champion, but there was a fight between other teams. Here is our overview of the Dreamleague Season 13: The Leipzig Major.

The Leipzig Major Results

Place $ USD DPC Points Team
1st $300,000 4,850 Team Secret
2nd $160,000 3,000 Evil Geniuses
3rd $110,000 2,100 Vici Gaming
4th $80,000 1,350 Alliance
place 5 to 16
5th-6th $60,000 900 Invictus Gaming
Team Liquid



TNC Predator



Team Aster
Natus Vincere



paiN Gaming
Chaos Esports Club
Reality Rift

Team Secret on Fire Even without the Midone

Each season there is a period when Team Secret can be called the best dota 2 team in the world. The European team fans are happy that it happens each year for the last five, but the fact that it does not occur at the TI. After winning The Leipzig major, Clement joked that his team reached the peak of opportunities too early each year.

Team Secret was powerful with Midone, but every TI they had problems with his playstyle. Yeik came up with his style of playing, the overactive playmaker. It created some difficulties for Nisha and forced him to move across the map for early fighting. Young Polish has a high level of play, but sometimes even that is not enough, such as at the Ti9.

dreamleague season 13 leipzig

Everything changed when Matumba joined. On the ONE Esport Dota 2 World Pro invitational Singapore, we watched a player who just started to understand how to play under the command of the Clement. But at the tournament in Leipzig, we saw the full synergy and interaction between the best dota 2 players in the world.

Matumba helped Nisha; Lasse is ready to accept hard conditions and difficulties in the game. Even if he needs to play with an unfamiliar or uncomfortable hero, Nisha embraces freedom on the midlane and goes on to make his own decisions. With this winning Team Secret, a 99% guaranteed direct invite to The International 2020 and without Midone they look very confident.

CIS Apostle Drags EG to the Grand Final

EG shows at the Dreamleague was a fantastic result, they reached 4350 points and, with a vast chance, will get a direct invite to the TI10.

dreamleague season 13 leipzig

Artour needs to thanks abed and ramzes for this grand final. They showed excellent performance throughout all tournament. EG changed a playstyle, and the most effective changes happen with the 3rd position. I have massive respect for S4, but recently he failed in a lot of matches.

Russian Apostle does not die so often and therefore does not give advantage to enemies. He is a traditional 3rd position, which creates space for rts and abed and is ready to withstand the challenges of life. EG had needed it and got it. And with new midlaner and a new offlaner, Arteezy changed too. As usual, he has an excellent performance in the group stage, but we lost him in the playoff. But it’s not about The Leipzig Major. He shows to all that he is indeed a leader of EG, and teammates could follow him.

dreamleague season 13 leipzig

We know that Ramzes has strong captain skills, and Fly gives a lot of freedom to his teammates. The tenacity of ramzes and the wisdom of the Fly likely helped EG to find the synergy that they had lacked before. I hope we’ll see this roster in other tournaments with this new power.

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Strong Chinese Dota without Winners

A robust level of play but without winners - that’s what Chinese teams were known for at The Leipzig Major. Vici gaming gained the best results among others and took 3rd place.

dreamleague season 13 leipzig

This was not the best major for Chinese teams, but they showed a pretty good dota for their fans. Vici and IG have 5100 and 3000 points in total assets, respectively. With a considerable chance, we’ll see them in Stockholm.

In previous seasons the Chinese teams have gradually gained momentum, and we’re approaching the peak of their form in these last tournaments. Although we still haven’t seen PSG.LGD in action, and I hope they will change it on the next majors.

Outstanding Alliance’s Teamplay

The European mix shows everyone their teamplay capabilities. Even though they lost EG and Team Secret, they still took 4th place and showed power for the next tournaments.

dreamleague season 13 leipzig

Swedish duo LIMMP and Handsken are at the top 15 MMR Europe rating list. Youngblood, who want to win, and a wise mentor (Loda) is a good relation for building a strong team.

CIS under the Mariana’s Trench

In Germany, the CIS region has presented two teams: Natus Vincere and In previous years VP was in the leaders of DPC rating but after two Majors, the closest to the 12th place is Gambit, who has 190 points.

dreamleague season 13 leipzig

Team Liquid defeated both teams in the first and second rounds of the loser bracket. Team Liquid has scolded in the group stage but has had significant problems with realizing their advantage. These European guys have now dropped down 2 CIS teams.

In CIS, there is a term named CIS comeback. The team continues on the verge of defeat, but then starts to return to the game and while everyone thinks that they will surely win, they lose. The team gives hope to its fans but cannot see it through. In the playoff, VP shows us a perfect CIS comeback. They lost 65k gold, killed a lot of enemies and moved to crush the throne, but then also lost.

This game shows us a real level of play in the CIS region. Natus Vincere got 9-12 and won the group stage. But there were arteezy on the riki, and team liquid with many questions.

Most likely, we will see changes in the teams after this tournament, such prominent clubs as the Na’Vi and especially VP cannot be satisfied with their last places. Maybe FNG will change it on the next DPC tournaments, but right now CIS is the weakest region (Hi, beastcoast with a disruptor on the midlane.)

To sum up, it was one of the best major tournaments I’ve ever seen. The most significant interest to the game added The Outlander Updates. After The Leipzig Major Valve has released the next patch 7.24 - read Dota 2 7.24 Patch Notes. These Neutral items, 30 levels, and new talents gave new inspiration to our lovely Dota 2.

Interesting Facts of The Leipzig Major:

  • 81:05 min lasted the longest map: Team Liquid vs Natus Vincere -
  • EG defeated paIN Gaming by 18:05 min
  • 25 enemies killed Miracle when played Slark against Fnatic
  • 33.00 KDA Matumbaman | Faceless Void Team Secret vs VG
  • 13 times per the Major heroes reached 30 level
  • 50,478 health point healed by iNSaNiA against Natus Vincere
  • 11 tier five neutral items was dropped at The Leipzig major
  • 1 cup picked up by the future president of Estonia

Still have lots of questions about Dota 2? Don’t be upset, we’ve prepared The Biggest Dota 2 FAQ. Read it to know everything about the best MOBA game.

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