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DMarket Releases Product Version 2.0 Beta

21 March 2018 – Santa Monica, CA – DMarket, the world’s first and only working marketplace on blockchain for in-game items trading, today announced the release of its product version 2.0 Beta.

The 5 Best FPS Games of 2017

Have you finished your favorite FPS game, and are now looking for some fresh blood? Or maybe you are new to the genre and want to start with the very best? Here’s a list of top first-person shooters of 2017 for you to binge on this weekend.

The Most Popular Skins on Skins.Cash (2017)
Ten years ago, you would have been a laughing stock if you suggested buying cosmetic items for real money that don’t give you any in-game advantage. But here we are, and the skins market is blooming and a lot of gamers buy CS:GO skins for cash.
DMarket to Attend GDC and Talk Blockchain

We love gaming. Being one of the leading forces of revolution of the gaming industry, we can’t help but keep talking to the community of game developers to ensure the early adoption of DMarket Tokens.

DMarket Tech Update: New Cool Features Deployed

DMarket v2.0 development is being in full swing and we’ve prepared a brief update on new features deployed to our platform that is definitely worth sharing with you.

DMarket Partners with Unity Technologies
February 28, 2018 – Santa Monica, CA – DMarket, the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for trading in-game items, announced today a partnership with Unity Technologies (unity3d.com), creator of the world’s most widely-used real-time 3D development platform.
Founder’s Mark and the Payment Gateway on DMarket
Hi everyone! Today, we would like to give you the updates on the DMarket project. To begin with, earlier today, we’ve received a request from one of our contributors to comment on the situation around the Founder’s Mark trading on DMarket.
Heroes of Might & Magic 3 HD Gameplay
A Somewhat Nostalgic Intro Heroes of Might and Magic is a legendary game that ruined so many computers and nerve cells. I want to start the overview of this iconic game with an anecdotal reference that happened to me 15 years ago.
DMarket Going Sky-High With New Talent

Our project development is running at a very fast pace and every day we’re taking on new inspiring challenges. Like a living organism, the DMarket project needs fuel to speed up and expand its bandwidth. Talent is our most important fuel. We’re happy to announce that in the past five weeks we’ve hired 13 new highly qualified specialists in product development, management and support, QA engineering, design, security and event management.

DMarket Tech Update: Check out New Features

Dear Followers,

The past weeks have been challenging and exciting for everyone at DMarket. Some important new features have been deployed and implemented, and we are pleased to share our latest tech updates with you. The DMarket team has implemented:

TOP 11 Rarest PUBG Skins List (Sets, Clothes)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shows quite a horrible situation, when 100 people fly to a desert island to… kill each other. Only one will survive and will be named the winner of this round. Then, more rounds will happen, and it’s so nice that this takes place only in the gaming virtuality.

DMarket: Intro to User Dashboard

Dear Followers,

The second video from our ‘How-to’ series is at your fingertips. In this guide, we explain key features of the Dashboard – the main page of your personal account. Check it out!

Top 10 Skins of 2017 on Steam Market

$61,000 for a digital item that only affects your in-game appearance, not your performance… You can call it crazy but it is actually called a market, and that market grows steadily each year. Last year was no exception. The list of top skins 2017 is here to impress. 

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