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Faceit Major – Power of Astralis!
These three weeks of CS:GO were absolutely incredible, they demonstrated how amazing professional players can really be. Faceit Major: London 2018 is over! Astralis is the champion! The team won CS:GO Majors twice, and many specialists have started using the term “Astralis era” in CS:GO.
CS:GO in the USA – ESL One: New York 2018
On September 26-30, New York hosts a big CS:GO Esports tournament of the ESL One series. Six world-famous teams will fight it out to determine who takes the biggest slice of the $250,000 prize pool.
5 Best PC RPG Games of 2018
It seems like 2018 is already winding down! However, the most interesting gaming season is almost here, and we’re expecting tons of new games to come onto the market. Just to make sure you don’t miss anything, DMarket is preparing lists of the most anticipated games of the remainder of 2018.
How to Secure Your Steam API Key from Scam Attacks
The number of phishing bots and websites has drastically increased in recent months. Man-in-the-middle attacks are aimed at intercepting and collecting users’ ID and authentication data to then gain access to their funds and other assets, like your in-game items on Steam.
Power of CS:GO at FACEIT Major: London 2018!
It’s time for the best CS:GO pro-players to sharpen their skills, to polish their virtual guns, and to face each other at the second (and the last for this year) huge Esports tournament sponsored by Valve – FACEIT Major: London 2018.
Spider-Man 2018: Game Review, Tech Details and Facts
Spider-Man is probably one of the top superheroes ever. Brave Spidey features widely in both movies and video games. In gaming, Spider-Man has had an unbelievably long-lasting career, tracing back to the old Atari days of 1982.
Stockholm International Esports Awards - Who’s the Best?
We all have our own preferences in Esports disciplines, teams, and players. Still, it’s quite interesting to know an objective opinion on the best games and personalities. Stockholm International Esports Awards gives exactly such an opportunity – the ceremony took place in the Swedish capital on September 3, and here are the results.
CSGO Update - Inferno and Nuke Collections Presented
Valve has revealed skins from two new collectible packages. They have been made for the upcoming CS:GO tournament Faceit Major London 2018. The first one is The 2018 Inferno Collection. It contains 18 skins for various weapons, including one for the newest rifle MP5-SD – the skin Dirt Drop.
DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018: Results
The Danish team North won the DreamHack Masters tournament in Stockholm. This was quite an unexpected but still a very convincing victory – these players went undefeated at this CS:GO Esports event! DreamHack Masters in Sweden drew the attention of the gaming community because of two reasons.
Game Releases for September 2018
The gaming industry is rushing into the new season with quite a few amazing titles prepared for release in September. Some of them have world-famous characters as main heroes, some are concentrating on popular sports, and some offer adventures in colorful fantasy universes.
Free CS:GO – Play Offline and Watch Matches
With the CS:GO update, released on August 29 2018, Valve presented a free version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. So, is Counter Strike Global Offensive going to be free? Yes, it has limited functionality but may become the best way to try the shooting matches without spending money on the game license.
Destiny 2: Forsaken Slated for Launch on September 4
We’re just a couple of days away from witnessing a new expansion roll-out for Destiny 2, one of the most enticing action games of 2017. Its upcoming release was officially confirmed by Activision on 28 August, 2018.
Purchase Order Update From DMarket
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