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VR, AR, and the Future of Gaming

Digitally extended reality has gained significant ground in gaming as many large-scale game development companies have decided to jump on the AR & VR bandwagon. These innovations make sense for the video game business, since the most successful implementers of cutting-edge AR and VR gaming systems can maximize their profits and drastically improve customer experience.

According to this year’s GDC reportmore than half of surveyed developers have various AR/VR tech solutions on their radars while releasing new games.

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More and more developers are starting to make games with VR or are starting to look more into VR, which in turn lets them create new content or change past content and make it more interesting. This allows for a more broad spectrum for game development.

Customer Awareness of AR/VR Technologies

It has always been quite a challenging task for vendors in any industry to introduce new products to the market. The AR and VR gaming space is no exception as developers, if they want to boost profit margins, need to gain support among PC, console and smartphone gamers. To increase the business value of new disruptive technologies and create better recognition across platforms, some considerable marketing steps have been taken. This approach is bearing fruit and the awareness of augmented and virtual reality gadgets among gamers is steadily growing.

Nielsen Games 360 US Report 2018 states that 64% of gamers are aware of AR/VR gaming devices. Thus the future of gaming empowered with AR/VR-enabled technologies looks quite promising for both VC investments and customer expectations. According to a recent VR Tracker report by Futuresource Consulting,  the worldwide consumer spend is predicted to surpass $800 million by 2022.

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The Benefits of AR/VR gaming

The way augmented and virtual reality can turbocharge the gaming sector and improve user experience is hard to overestimate. For instance, the eSports sector has already seized the potential of this new tech, thus making virtual reality one of the hottest gaming trends of 2018.

There are several reasons why AR/VR-driven applications in gaming are rising in popularity:

  • The power of immersion. One of the greatest AR/VR advantages for game fans is the ability to take players right to the heart of the game’s storyline. Advanced tech-enabled gadgets and software solutions can immensely enhance user engagement with multiple interactive activities. Digitally extended reality provides gamers with enticing virtual objects and makes them treat these objects as if they are real.
  • More entertaining environment. New technologies can grant much more fun to players compared to humdrum no-frills games. Cutting-edge capabilities enrich gameplay, enabling a far larger scope of gaming options. Even old-school titles are given renewed momentum when geared with augmented or virtual features.
  • Improved user experience. The future of gaming is predetermined as gamers’ needs and wants are constantly evolving, and thus developers have to cater to their high expectations. Given this, AR/VR solutions seem to be a note-perfect option for gaining much attraction and retention among the global gaming audience. New games look more appealing both to avid players and occasional gamers, making them spend more time and effort on AR/VR-fueled titles.

Although some critical concerns for easy AR/VR adoption are still circulating, a fresh digital transformation process in the gaming industry is underway. The prices for these revolutionary gadgets and gizmos are getting cheaper by the day, which makes them more affordable not only for location-based entertainment centers, but also for mainstream consumers.

We look forward to a vibrant future for AR/VR gaming and expect this new technology will soon become commonplace for every household.

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