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Chasm Is Released - Be Ready for Unpredictability!

Chasm Is Released - Be Ready for Unpredictability!

On the last day of July 2018, an indie studio Bit Kid released its long-awaited title Chasm. The game was in development for more than five (!) years. It’s a fascinating mix of a retro-platformer and procedural worlds.

Chasm is available for Windows computers, for PlayStation 4 and Vita game consoles. 

Rescue People! Be Ready for Unpredictability!

The hero of this game is going to save its virtual world from creepy monsters. They are hiding in a deep mine, so players should delve there to kill every evil creature.

The plot of Chasm is not its strongest aspect. Two others are much more worthy of our attention:

  • Retro style. The game has been made with the spirit of such great titles as Metroid, Mega Man X, Castlevania, and The Legend of Zelda. Retro gaming is becoming more and more popular nowadays; many gamers like the atmosphere of old-school adventures. Are you one of them? Retro gaming is one of the Industry Trends of 2018.
  • Procedural dungeons. Such algorithms proved their effectiveness in No Man’s Sky – nothing is pre-made here, your character is a real pioneer. It’s like exploring a world created by your computer.

The feeling of unpredictability motivates exploring dungeons again and again – you never know what will happen next…

To play Chasm, buy this game through the official site.

While playing Chasm, you’ll use various weapons, which influence your battling style – the same as in shooting games. Maybe, Chasm will bring you some nice relaxation between tense CS:GO matches and will improve your shooting skills.

Five years of development is a long time indeed. It’s understandable though – indie studios don’t have the  resources to produce games quickly. Additional monetization with virtual items may be a profitable decision. This is the point where DMarket comes on the scene. The marketplace, based on blockchain technology, brings lots of fun to gamers and may become a strong support for game developers!

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