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Try the New DMarket Platform Before Its Global Release

The next-gen DMarket beta 2.0 platform version featuring item exchange is available for early access.

The DMarket platform will soon be upgraded to a completely new version to provide a set of advanced features augmented with a fully redesigned single-page user interface.

Before the global DMarket 2.0 release, you can enjoy early access to the new CS:GO platform. Be one of the first to boost your skins trading experience with a whole bunch of cool new features, including:

  • Item Exchange, enabling you to trade your old skins for the ones you really want
  • Instant Sale, allowing you to sell your items and boost your balance in a flash
  • Targets, letting you request certain items on your own terms

All of these come with a completely redesigned user interface where you can manage everything on a single page.

You can sign in to the early access DMarket 2.0 beta platform with your DMarket login credentials (see Fig.1). You will get a new account. This means that your items and funds from won’t be available on the early access platform. Don’t worry, your new DMarket account will be merged with your account after the upcoming main platform upgrade to version 2.0.

Once signed into, go through a brief tutorial to get started smoothly.

If you have any difficulties using the DMarket 2.0 beta platform, our customer support team is always here to help you and get things done without delay. Since the platform is in early beta, please report any issues to our support or the following community groups:

Your feedback does matter as it will be delivered directly to our product team. Share your thoughts and ideas and make DMarket the perfect platform exactly for you.

Please, take note that the DMarket API for automated bulk trading isn’t available on the early access platform. An enhanced API will be introduced to following the platform upgrade.

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