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Key Features and Functionality of DMarket

In less than six months from October 2017 to March 2018, DMarket went from a test 1.0 Alpha/DEMO version to a working 2.0 Beta product. Many features are still under development and will be implemented gradually, but, essentially, DMarket is an already functioning platform enabling you to buy and sell in-game items easily and safely. Check out key features and functionality of the marketplace and start turning your virtual items into real assets.       


To create your DMarket account (see Paragraph 2), click Sign Up and then Get Started links and follow the instructions. We use email confirmation during the registration and browser/device detection during logging in for additional security. When you log in from a new browser or device, we send a verification code to your email address to confirm your identity. You can disable the browser and device verification in the account settings.

Steam Integration

The 2.0 Beta version enables you to trade Steam items on DMarket. Connect your Steam account to the platform in a few easy steps (see Paragraph 3) and start trading CS:GO skins with maximum security and no limitations. Skins from other Steam games, like Dota 2 and TF2, will become tradable on DMarket in the nearest future. You can import or withdraw Steam items anytime you want (see Paragraph 9).   

Coming Soon: Trading DMarket Items

In-game items registered directly on DMarket’s blockchain network will be available for trading after the connection of the first games to the platform. To achieve our goal of creating a new global gaming economy, we aim to integrate as many games as possible. We’ve already reached agreements with some notable developers and publishers, including 4A Games, Kiss Ltd., GSC Game World, and Tatem Games. We’ve also established a collaboration with the world’s leading game development platform Unity and keep working on a software development kit for seamless connection of Unity games to the marketplace.

DMarket Coin

DMarket Coin (DMC) is the internal cryptocurrency of the marketplace. Empowering the new gaming economy, it is used as the only payment option for trading DMarket blockchain items.

DMarket Founder’s Mark and GDC 2018 Exclusive Asset

Aside from in-game items, you can also trade DMarket’s exclusive assets on the platform.

DMarket Founder’s Mark is a memorable virtual asset dedicated to the launch of the marketplace and the birth of the new gaming economy. Limited to just 1,000 items, the Mark has aroused great interest, with its trading volume rapidly reaching 500,000 DMC.

GDC 2018 Exclusive Asset commemorates DMarket’s participation in Game Developers Conference 2018.

A DMarket’s exclusive asset is reflected on its holder’s account as a piece of memorabilia and honorary distinction.  

Promo Codes

The GDC 2018 Exclusive Asset can be obtained by redeeming a promo code distributed during the most recent Game Developers Conference. We will introduce other promotional codes to honor important events and make your trading on DMarket even more profitable.

Buying and Selling

To purchase a Steam or DMarket blockchain item (see Paragraph 8), simply choose the game, select the offer using the search option and sort by date or price, and finally click the Buy button. You can pay in USD or DMC for Steam Items and in DMC for DMarket items.

All your items are displayed on the My Inventory page in your profile. Select an item you want to put up for sale (see Paragraph 4), set a price and click Put up for sale or Add to trade button in the cases of selling a DMarket or Steam item respectively.  You can change the item’s price (see Paragraph 5.1) or remove the item from sale (see Paragraph 5.2) in the My Market menu on the My Inventory page.

Note: Due to Valve’s decision to introduce a seven-day cooldown to traded CS:GO items, skins from the game become tradable seven days after they were imported to DMarket.

Coming Soon: Exchange

The upcoming connection of numerous games to DMarket will make it possible to exchange items from different virtual universes.

Lowest Price Filter

When you choose an item to buy, the offers are automatically filtered by the lowest price, allowing you to get the best deal in one click.

Coming Soon: Cart

A Cart feature will soon be added to the platform to enable faster purchase of multiple items.

Live Feed

Most recent purchases are updated live on DMarket’s main page. If you are interested in one of the displayed items, just click on it and choose the best offer.

Coming Soon: Purchase Order

When you can’t find the right sell offer, creating a purchase order is a way to request the needed item at your desired price.

Blockchain Explorer

All transaction data regarding DMarket items is stored on our blockchain. You can review trades conducted on the platform (see Paragraph 10) using the Blockchain Explorer. To do that, click the corresponding button on the main page.

Refilling your Balance and Withdrawing Funds

To deposit DMC or USD to your DMarket balance (see Paragraph 7), click on your avatar, go to the Balance page, click Deposit Funds and select the needed currency. The Withdraw Funds option is available on the same page.

We use a Know Your Customer identification process (see Paragraph 6) for financial transactions to prevent money laundering and fraud. To put it simply, we ask you to confirm your identity before proceeding to depositing funds to your DMarket balance.

Personal Wallet

Given that DMarket is a blockchain-based marketplace, any transaction on the platform requires a combination of public and private keys. In order to simplify the authorization process, we manage your DMarket blockchain wallet, eliminating the need for using a private key during each and every transaction. However, you can create a personal wallet (see Paragraph 10.3) using the Blockchain Explorer and store your DMC and DMarket blockchain assets there. In this case you will need to transfer items from your personal wallet to your DMarket wallet in order to trade the items on the platform. You are free to transfer items ans funds back to the personal wallet anytime you want. Note that your wallet’s private key can’t be restored, so keep it safe.

Live Chat

If you have any issues regarding DMarket, click Chat now at the bottom left corner of any page to contact DMarket support.

Coming soon: Notification

We will keep you notified of any events related to your trade deals and achievements.

Latest News

Check out the latest news from our blog to learn more about DMarket and the gaming industry.


If you have any questions, find the answers here.

Coming Soon: How It Works

Our how-to videos are coming soon to help you turn virtual items into real assets.

Our team is working hard to make in-game item trading easy. That’s why current features will be improved and upcoming ones will be deployed as soon as possible. We’re always grateful for feedback and glad to answer your questions. Fire away with them here or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’re also on Bitcointalk. Stay in touch!

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