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2018 Product Updates – DMarket Latest News

Dear Followers,

We are pleased to start our 2018 news with a product features update. In the past four weeks the DMarket team has deployed and implemented the following features:

  • Completed development of base functionality for interactive user notifications about system events;
    • Started developing functional features of a Steam skins marketplace;
    • Completed development of Steam account connection within user profile;
    • Implemented and released confirmation of account and device ownership via email for enhanced security;
    • Completed development of transactions with intermediaries on blockchain;
    • Completed required development in order to migrate the blockchain to Exonum 0.4;
    • Created the functionality for full interaction with Ethereum smart contract.

DMarket users also have the exclusive opportunity to trade Founder’s Mark for DMС. This is a memorable special edition virtual asset on blockchain that can be a starting point for building virtual items collections on DMarket.

The symbolic price for the Mark allows its holder to trade his very first in-game asset on the platform and also to test drive the up-and-running blockchain. Founder’s Mark is limited to just 1000 items.

It’s a unique piece of memorabilia dedicated to the DMarket launch that will be reflected on its holder’s account as a privileged sign of being a pioneer of the new gaming economy.

We’ll keep you posted!

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