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Mouse in Liquid – Results of ESL One: New York 2018

Just a week after Faceit Major, the world of CS:GO Esports witnessed another great tournament – ESL One: New York 2018. Not all the elite teams participated in this event, but still, it was an excellent show, a game of the highest skill level.

Mouz took the cup and the champion title. The $250,000 money prize was divided between all the eight participants.

Mousesports win the ESL One New York 2018 Beginners in CS:GO will be able to understand the professional game better after reading our review of CS:GO gameplay here.

Surprises of the Group Stage

It’s quite interesting to see teams in groups before a tournament and make some predictions on the future result. Then, it’s nice to check the actual match scores – to know how CS:GO can surprise even experienced gamers, how unpredictable this game is.

So, before delving into the results, have a look at the pre-tournament situation in our preview of ESL One: New York 2018.

And now what really happened in the Group Stage.

Group A:

  • mousesports won all their matches and proceeded to the semifinals with the score 2:0;
  • Gambit Esports twice defeated Na’Vi, the finalists of Faceit Major. Gambit lost only to mousesports.
  • Two famous teams left this ESL One event quite unexpectedly: Na’Vi (1:2) and Fnatic (0:2). The match against Fnatic was the only winning game for Natus Vincere – maybe, they couldn’t recover after the loss to Astralis.

Group B:

  • Team Liquid completed this stage with no loss (2:0);
  • NRG lost their start match against Liquid but then won against G2 and FaZe (2:1);
  • The first team that left the tournament in this group was FaZe Clan (0:2). The second was G2 (1:2).

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Semifinal Easiness. Toughness of the Grand Final

Unlike other big CS:GO tournaments (DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018, for example), ESL One in New York skipped Quarterfinals and started playoff matches with Semifinals.

For the future finalists, these games were relatively easy to win.

  • mousesports defeated NRG on two maps (2:0, Inferno and Nuke);
  • Team Liquid defeated Gambit (2:0, Nuke and Inferno).

This tournament became the last for the current roster of Gambit. After ESL One in New York, Abay “Hobbit” Khassenov left the team to look for new opportunities.

The Grand Final was a fantastic show! It was B05, and fans saw all five maps played.

  • mousesports won the first map, Cashe (16:12) but then lost two maps in a row (7:16 and 10:16, Nuke and Inferno). The fourth map was the toughest here, with overtime – Team Liquid lost (19:17 on Dust II). The fifth map, Mirage, was victorious for Mouz.
ESL One NY 2018 Results

For Team Liquid, ESL One: New York 2018 continues quite a long period with no first places. The last event, won by them was cs_summit 2, in February 2018. And that was the only significant victory since 2016. The next attempt for Liquid will be Epicenter 2018 in Moscow (October 23-28), but the competitors there are very powerful: FaZe, Na’Vi, and others.

For mousesports, this title is a super nice recovery after Faceit Major, where the team lost all three matches. Maybe, such a victory will inspire Mouz to play even better on the upcoming StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 6 in Kyiv (October 7-14).

The prize pool of ESL One: New York 2018 was divided in this way:

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