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Essential CS:GO Tips for Beginners (2018 Edition Guide)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multilayered gaming experience. At first sight, it’s just a shooter – get a gun, run all over the place, and kill every opponent you meet on the way.

Then, new dimensions open up: differences between weapons, lots of map details, deep team communications, various playing strategies, and exciting social activities.

CS:GO is a cultural phenomenon so let’s have a closer look at its gameplay! Beginners might open new layers of this great shooter, and even advanced players might deepen their understanding of the endless battles between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

Two Teams, Two Goals

Unlike many other games (Team Fortress 2, Paladins) that divide virtual characters into classes with individual abilities, CS:GO creates the same starting conditions for all players. Only your skills matter and how you use them.

Players in CS:GO can choose teams of Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. These characters look different and have varying sets of available weapons. But the main difference between them is in playing goals. The main goals are:

  • To plant the bomb or to defuse it (Bomb Defusal scenario);
The Bomb has been planted CS:GO
  • To keep hostages or to free them (Hostage Rescue scenario).
Hostage CS:GO

Teams start rounds in their special spawn zones. Bombs can be planted in other zones, called bombsite A and B. Hostages are kept in the terrorist spawn zone and should be delivered to the safe zone. In both of these scenarios, one more winning condition is possible – killing all the opponents.

Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue can be played in various modes on various maps. In addition, Deathmatch should be mentioned. This is a fast-paced mode for warming up in the game – with constant re-spawns and weapon changes.

Most players prefer Bomb Defusal and only this scenario is included in Esports competitions.

Maps and CS:GO Game Modes

Every CS:GO map is a unique location with lots of small features. To be successful in the game, players should learn the maps very well, know their hidden details, such as shooting CS:GO positions, spots for smoke, fire and flashes, and expert paths to bombsites.

The number of maps in CS:GO is huge, and developers regularly add new, community-made locations. Knowing them all is a super difficult task, and such efforts are unnecessary.

Most CS:GO players choose a few of the most popular CS:GO maps (usually for the Bomb Defusal scenario), enjoy them and develop their playing skills in these locations.

Here’s a list of maps every player should at least try:

  • Dust II – a town somewhere in the Middle East;
dust2 CS:GO
  • Mirage – a Moroccan location;
mirage CS:GO
  • Inferno – a beautiful place in Italy;
Inferno CS:GO
  • Train – a Russian railway depot;
train CS:GO
  • Cache – territory near Chernobyl Power Plant;
cache CS:GO
  • Overpass – a part of virtual Berlin;
overpass CS:GO
  • Cobblestone – a castle-like country farmhouse;
cobblestone CS:GO
  • Nuke – a German Nuclear Plant.
nuke CS:GO

These and some other maps are playable in two main modes: Casual and Competitive. The first one offers matches with an increased number of players and with no influence on in-game rankings. Competitive matchmaking is the place for glory – players battle for CS:GO ranks here.

Also, the game contains some other modes with unique conditions, such as only one bombsite active or unreal gravity. These modes and maps for them are listed in the special sections: War Games and Wingman.

Rounds. Matches

CS:GO matches begin with choosing a team, T or CT. After that, players delve into separate rounds, each starts in the spawn zone, and each finishes with the victory of one team.

Competitive CS:GO

To win a match, a team should take 16 rounds. If both teams get 15 victories in a match, they play overtime…

These are the conditions of Competitive Matchmaking and most CS:GO Esports tournaments. In Casual matchmaking, you need to win fewer rounds for victory. In some Esports events, overtime conditions may be changed.

In-game CS:GO team roles and team strategies

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based game. This means a lot for every player – you can’t succeed here on your own, you should act as a team with your comrades. Still, such team cooperation is developing gradually.

First, players adapt to the game rules, virtual weapons and maps. Then, they try to improve their personal performance, looking for good teammates on the way. And only then, at last, they try to find their best roles in the game.

Teamplay CS:GO

Some gamers play better with sniper rifles. Some are just brilliant in checking places and giving information to others. Someprefer demolishing opponents with assault rifles…

Trying different in-game roles and looking for the best for you is a part of the process of mastering CS:GO. Players with different roles unite, organize teams, and have fun together.

Teamplay in CS:GO

From an individual perspective, the game turns into active social communication. At this moment, new aspects of CS:GO become clear – various team strategies.

The sky’s the limit here, so playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive becomes an art and a science, with vast space for creativity and innovations.

Diverse Weapons and the In-Game Economy

CS:GO weapon arsenal is vast. Each gun here has its specific characteristics, and you should feel them in practice to shoot accurately in the game.

For example, AWP is super powerful, but has quite a long reload period – after just one shot. Negev becomes more accurate in long shooting sessions, but it’s super heavy, slows players and in a way limits their movements.


AK-47 and M4A4 have excellent fire rate, low recoil, and high accuracy, but still, you should get used to them – and this comes only with practice.

AK-47 in CS:GO

At the start of the game rounds, players have time for buying weapons and equipment. First, both teams have the same amount of money, and they can purchase only pistols for the first round.

Then killing, planting or defusing the bomb, winning and even losing a round brings money to teams. How will they use these funds?

The answer here is the basis for in-game economic strategies, which open additional possibilities for advanced teams – like buying only pistols to save money for the following rounds.

Secrets of Success

CS:GO was released in 2012. It’s a continuation of the great Counter-Strike series and one of so many shooters that appear annually.

Why does it remain one of the most popular games in the world? Why such powerful competitors like Rainbow Six Siege can’t defeat CS:GO on the gaming market?

Here are a few reasons:

  • The game seems simple.

Nothing stops beginners from trying it and enjoying it. No classes for characters, no vehicles or destructible environment. You get the point from the very start, and that seeming simplicity leads you further, to new layers of excitement.

  • The game turns out to be amazingly deep.

The more you play, the more you discover in CS:GO. Every map is like a new experience, and there are lots of them in the game.

Various weapons open new possibilities for individual play. Countless CS:GO strategies in team play make each new gaming session an amazing adventure and a challenge for your skills.

  • The game is very realistic.

Of course, players just sit in front of their computers, press buttons of their keyboards and move their gaming mice on the table.

And still, the developers can convey unique, realistic feelings, especially from the weapons. Blood on the walls, dead bodies all over the place…

That’s not Fortnite with its colorful customs and fun dances. CS:GO is a super realistic shooter, and that’s the beauty of it. If you want realistic CS:GO Battle Royale - Danger Zone is what are you looking for!

  • The game is flexible.

Players can choose many modes to refresh their experience. Also, they can try different settings to make the game comfortable for their personal demands.

Some things, like adjusting the crosshair style can be done through the standard settings menu. Many more options become possible with using CS:GO Console Commands.

  • CS:GO community is great.

It’s not boring to play this game, and it’s not boring at all to be part of this game community. Players create new skins, new maps, and amazing CS:GO wallpapers.

People gather on online platforms to share fun, and they gather in reality to enjoy incredible mastery of CS:GO Esports.

  • The developers care about the game and update it regularly.

For the years of its existence, CS:GO remains modern and actual. Graphics and in-game mechanics are regularly improving, bugs are fixed, and various improvements are added.

New maps, new interesting features, changes to the economy and even to the gameplay core. CS:GO is fresh as new, and at the same time, it’s well-elaborated and deeply thought-out, as any great gaming masterpiece should be.

Esports and Skins

Two more aspects of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive should be highlighted here.

CS:GO Esports are amazing competitions that demonstrate the highest CS:GO levels of skills in this shooter. Many CS:GO players know the game from their own experience, and they know perfectly well how difficult all those professional tricks are.

Watching Esports tournaments is a way to get even more motivated in the game. It seems like Valve understands this perfectly well and that’s why it supports Esports.

Esports in CS:GO

CS:GO Skins are strictly cosmetic features for in-game weapons. They have no influence on the gameplay, but they positively influence the mood of players and their reputation in the community.

The role of skins is so significant that they’ve got their own value in real money – you can buy and sell CS:GO skins on DMarket, of course.

  • Skins give two motivations for CS:GO players:

  • Get skins for free from the game itself and sell profitably. To do so, many guys return to the game again and again, enjoying revenue from time and energy invested in playing CS:GO.

  • Buy skins and find a nice use for them in the game. If you have such amazing items as AK-47 | The Empress or M4A4 | Asiimov, you’ll have a strong desire to enter a match with them. And of course, you will not want to look like a noob, so you’ll practice a lot, adding hours and hours to your in-game counter.

M4A4 in CS:GO

Aspects of skins and Esports are the same winning strategies that Valve uses with another great game – Dota 2.

CS:GO is a classic multiplayer shooting game, one of the best ever made.

It’s a vast universe – just try it and let yourself get carried away.

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