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Summer DMarket Update: The Latest Features

Summer is here and gamers are spending their vacations checking fresh titles and trying new tools.

Here at DMarket the heat is also rising, with important features updated and new milestones reached. We are deploying advanced features, updating our blockchain, adding in-game assets and growing the DMarket community.

DMarket is building a game universe that is propelling the gaming space forward. In order to keep you up to date, please take a few minutes and check out this fresh update about the DMarket platform.

DMarket Launches Blockchain 2.0

Our development team has done a great job deploying version 2.0 of the DMarket blockchain.

The updated blockchain eliminates any risk of network downtime. We’ve added three more nodes to the network that ensure flawless functioning of the blockchain, including at peak load periods. 

items trading

The DMarket blockchain now handles 1,200 transactions a second, since a new block is generated every 2.5 seconds and contains up to 3,000 transactions.

Just keep in mind that in this case a single transaction is not the same thing as a single transfer of an asset. A transaction can contain multiple assets transferred in both directions.

DMarket Blockchain 2.0 provides new transactions types, including trades with intermediaries and exchanges with intermediaries. This once again confirms: DMarket is the first operational blockchain-based gaming platform that actually makes virtual assets real.  

Moreover, the number of transactions supported by DMarket’s updated blockchain has reached seven types:

  1. AddAsset
  2. DeleteAsset
  3. Transfer
  4. Trade
  5. Exchange
  6. Trade with intermediary and
  7.  Exchange with intermediary

With all the functionality described above, and many technically sophisticated features added recently, DMarket has become one of the fastest growing gaming platforms in the blockchain space.

While others are talking the talk, DMarket is walking the walk.

Growing The Gaming Community

It’s no secret that the key to success of DMarket is big trading flows of in-game items that are beloved by our community. DMarket constantly communicates with its users and supporters to make their experience unique and delightful.

While the DMarket business development team is negotiating with the world’s top game developers and new partners, our community managers are keeping their finger on the pulse of our most valuable asset – our users.

In the first days of the summer we added Dota 2 skins to our marketplace. Just as a reminder: Dota 2 is among the top 10 games on Steam and one of the most popular eSports with millions of concurrent viewers.

DMarket users can now trade not only CS:GO skins, but also Dota 2 items. According to our analytics forecast, the new skins will increase a trade flow on DMarket by more than 20% in the coming month.

In order to win gamers’ attention and love, DMarket has been launching promo campaigns for its users such as 0% fee on items trades, or skins with attractive prices. For example, one week ago more than 15 000 CS:GO items went sale that dramatically increased the number of registrations.

csgo items

User Friendly Interface

To keep gamers’ enthralled, we are constantly upgrading our tools for trading. That’s why we always put a lot of hard work into our user interface and the overall platform usability.

In recent weeks we have deployed a number of features that make trading on DMarket easy and fast.

There Are Some Key Features:

  • The games section on the main page provides an opportunity to proceed to items from a game in just one click.
game section
  • Updated search filters for CS:GO items help to find a desired skin in a flash. It is now possible to combine price range and multiple select exterior filters with single select item categories.
filters for CSGO
  • Filters for Dota 2 include a price range and four multiple select item categories: Hero, Rarity, Slot, and Type. Just as in the case of CS:GO items, the categories can be selected both in the drop-down menu and by contextual search.
filters for Dota2
  • Color differentiation for CS:GO and Dota 2 items enables gamers to detect the rarity value of an item on sight.
  • The deployed shopping cart functionality supplements the quick buy option, allowing users to add items to the cart and then make multiple purchases in only one click.
shopping cart
  • Updated URLs on contain item names, which is good for sharing and reading links to the website.
Updated URLs
  • A partner landing page now provides an additional and convenient contact option for those who are interested in contributing to the creation of the new gaming universe and reaping its benefits.
partner landing page

Expanding The World

Even though the DMarket team is highly focused on platform development, we are still taking the time to present the project worldwide at top conferences. DMarket always highly appreciates opportunities to share our ideas and get new insights.   

In recent weeks we shared our ideas and achievements during the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles, World Digital Asset Summit 2018 in Singapore, Crypto Games Conference in Kyiv, and Consensus 2018 in New York.

The summer will be full of top gaming events, and we are not standing on the sidelines. As the biggest gaming expo E3 2018 is getting closer, we invite you to visit DMarket’s booth #2947 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 12-14, 2018 and learn more about the emerging global gaming market or share your own insights and ideas.

dmarket e3 The DMarket team would also be glad to meet you at Unite Berlin 2018 that will gather thousands of game developers at STATION Berlin on June 19-21, 2018. DMarket is going to the event as a key partner of Unity Technologies.

We are also happy to inform you that DMarket has been nominated for the CryptoBit Awards as an innovative blockchain-based platform for gamers. The Awards are conducted by and its founder Rudy Koch, who is best known as a senior producer of such major Activision Blizzard games as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Skylanders.

Bigger Is Definitely Better

To reach the important milestones mentioned above and even further heights ahead, teamwork is crucial for DMarket. Having assembled an impressive lineup of specialists in blockchain tech, gaming, business development, and marketing, we always look for new big names and talent to add value to the project. For that reason, the DMarket team, already consisting of 170 professionals, is going to grow further, in terms of both size and proficiency.

What’s also important, DMarket is not alone in pursuing a new era in gaming that will turn virtual items into real assets. Our list of partners is already impressive but we always look for new beneficial collaborations. Negotiations with a number of great potential partners are ongoing. Join DMarket as a partner or sign up as a user and let’s build the future of gaming together.

Besides, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be aware of all the most interesting upcoming updates.

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