Tech Update: Mobile Wallet, New Filters, Upgraded  UI and More
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Tech Update: Mobile Wallet, New Filters, Upgraded UI and More

After DMarket released its product version 2.0 Beta at the end of March, the platform development is picking up speed.  

We have prepared a brief update on new features deployed to the platform.

To date, the DMarket team has successfully completed the following tech milestones:

  • Updated Steam workflow for CS:GO skins trading. Now, all CS:GO skins have a trade lock parameter and they can be successfully traded on DMarket
  • Released functionality to filter Steam and Blockchain skins by item category parameter
  • Released Android mobile wallet application. Please feel free to download it from Google Play
  • Released functionality to claim blockchainized items via promo-codes
  • Platform interface has been upgraded to make user experience more convenient

We are adding new features to the platform every week. This makes DMarket the fastest growing project in gaming. In the nearest future blockchain technology will boost the industry, and DMarket is at the core of these great changes,

says Vlad Panchenko, DMarket CEO and Founder.

More big news is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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