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Best-Selling Video Game Consoles

The gaming world is full of competition. Even devices of one brand compete with each other in the number of sold units. Do you know how well the PS4 is performing in the market? Sony explained this to everyone in the company’s financial report.

Similar information has been published by Nintendo as well – we can know statistics of the Switch and 3DS consoles.

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More than 80m PS4 Consoles Have Been Sold Worldwide

It is quite obvious that the PlayStation 4 is very, very successful in the game console market. Still, official numbers are always better than abstract assumptions.

  • 3.2 million PS4 units were shipped in Q1 2018. The overall result for its five years of existence is 82.2 million consoles.
  • 80 million PS3 units were shipped over the lifetime of the device (seven years).

PS4 vs PS3 So, while the PS5 is still just a rumor, the PS4 has become more successful than the PS3. For comparison, the most successful home console in the world, the PlayStation 2, achieved the amazing result of 155 million units. The first PlayStation sold 102.49 m units.

The Nintendo Switch Is Much More Successful than the Wii U

Do you remember the Nintendo console named Wii U? It was a rather weird device, and gamers ignored it stubbornly. Even in its one year and four months of existence, the next generation of Nintendo’s consoles (Switch) has become more profitable for the company than the Wii U was for its almost five years on the market.

  • 19.67 million units of Nintendo Switch have been sold worldwide.
  • 13.56 million units of Wii U have been sold.

WII U vs Nintendo Switch The consoles of the Nintendo 3DS family also have something to be proud of – 72.89 million units have been sold. For more about handheld game consoles, read the article Portable Video Gaming Consoles You Should Buy in 2018.

What about Xbox One?

A powerful competitor of Sony and Nintendo is Microsoft with its Xbox One consoles. Still, we can’t share numbers here – the company has decided to keep this information secret. Many experts think this has happened because of poor sales of the Xbox One in comparison to the Xbox 360 (and the PS4, of course).

  • 10 million sold copies – this is the last known result for the Xbox One, published in November 2014 (for the first year of its existence).
  • 84 million  Xbox 360 were sold over its 11 year life.
  • The figure for the original Xbox is 24 million units.

XBOX 360 vs XBOX One The PS4 and Xbox One have one great advantage over the consoles of the previous generation (and Switch too) – they support VR technology! On this topic, read the article VR, AR, and the Future of Gaming on the DMarket blog.

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Eugene Bozhenko
Eugene Bozhenko is an enthusiastic gamer and professional gaming journalist with 14 years of writing experience. Since 2007 he has been a member of the Ukrainian National Union of Journalists. Eugene has experience writing about culture, sports, modern technology and politics but gaming remains his long-term favorite topic.
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