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DMarket Tech Update: New Cool Features Deployed

DMarket v2.0 development is being in full swing and we’ve prepared a brief update on new features deployed to our platform that is definitely worth sharing with you.

To date, we have successfully completed the following tech milestones:

  • Our team has finished development of the base functionality that will enable seamless Steam skins trading on DMarket;
  • We’ve completed development of the ‘instant buy’ and ‘buy via a shopping card’ features, which will significantly facilitate and streamline our platform’s usability;
  • We’ve developed a feature that allows to manage blockchain skins with no need to enter a private key on a recurring basis;
  • We’ve finished development of a cold wallet functionlality that will be deployed within the blockchain explorer shortly;
  • We’ve successfully built a base functionality for our game integration API;
  • We’ve built DMarket blockchain version 0.2;
  • We’ve started integration testing of all components that will be included into DMarket v2.0.

I am very proud of our development team. Sometimes they can surprise me by delivering today the new features of the marketplace that had appeared in my head only yesterday. Their professionalism inspires all of us here at DMarket to stay ahead of the curve,

says Vlad Panchenko, DMarket CEO and Founder.  

In case you missed our last week’s big news – DMarket signed a partnership agreement with Unity Technologies that will let any Unity-based game take advantage of the blockchain tech and items trading opportunities.

Also, we’ve recently attended one of the top events in the gaming industry – DICE Summit and Awards 2018 – and have put together a wrap-up of our key takeaways from the event. Feel free to check out our Medium for the blog.

And last but not least – our CEO and Founder Vlad Panchenko has just joined Twitter to stay closer to the community. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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