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All CS:GO Map Callouts

All CS:GO Map Callouts

CS:GO Map Callouts are special words that refer to various places on the virtual locations. By simply knowing them, you will be able to boost your progress significantly (and probably even get better CS:GO ranks). You tell teammates where you are or where you meet opponents, and they understand you. They give similar info, and you understand them.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based game, that’s obvious. You can’t become successful here alone - even while playing with bots you need the support from those bots. While playing with people, you should actively communicate to describe your position, to react quickly on the opponents’ actions, and to come up with the best tactics possible. It’s absolutely better to use for this communication short words, understandable with the lightning speed.

Learning CS:GO Callouts is the same significant process as learning CS:GO maps. If you want to reach any good results in the game, invest your time and energy in remembering these terms. Don’t rush, be patient - choose one map (your favorite) and learn it by heart, including its Callouts. Then move further to expand your knowledge and strengthen your experience in all CS:GO maps.

It would be better to learn CS:GO Map Pool first. Play on these locations to understand them visually. Then check out this DMarket guide on Callouts and play again to memorize everything better. Practice makes perfect.

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Now, let’s delve into Callouts for CS:GO maps!

Mirage Callouts

mirage map callouts

This map is arguably the most popular in the game - you can see professional teams picking it at each CS:GO Major tournament, and most of the players consider Mirage as one of the best. It’s definitely worth to try it out and learn Maps Callouts for Mirage. Fights of the CT and T teams take place in a virtual Morocco-like location.

  • Mid - a big open area in the middle of Mirage. Many battles happen here, snipers from both sides often wait for their victims on Mid.

  • B Site - one of two areas to plant the bomb.

  • A Site - an area to plant the bomb, very close to CT Spawn.

  • T Spawn - terrorists start rounds from this area.

  • T Roof - or Ledge, terrorists often wait here to enter A Site through A Ramp.

  • A Ramp - an entrance to A Site for terrorists. This place is often full of smoke, and CT eyes watch it attentively.

  • Palace - very close to Balcony, the entrance to A Site. Terrorists may slow down here to check the area.

  • Pillars - rather a big room close to A Site. Terrorists pass it very often. Sometimes CT teams make ambushes here.

  • Balcony - located on A Site, observed by CT, waiting for appearance of T.

  • Tetris - boxes near A Ramp. Terrorists can use them as protection after entering A Site. Counter-Terrorists can wait here for attackers.

  • Sandwich - an area with a nice view at Balcony and A Site.

  • Stairs - use it to observe A Site from above.

  • Firebox - a place to hide behind boxes on A Site. Helpful for terrorists after planting the bomb and for counter-terrorists in their defense.

  • CT - counter-terrorists spawn near this place, so they enter A Site from here and sometimes hide, waiting for opponents.

  • Ticket Booth - or Ticket, a column on the way of CT to A Site. Players can jump on it and look over the smoke. It’s a nice place for snipers.

  • Trash - or Trash Can, jump on it and hide from opponents. Terrorists may need to check this place carefully.

  • CT Spawn - an area for counter-terrorists to start rounds.

  • Jungle - a room near Connector, where counter-terrorists often wait for their “guests.”

  • Connector - one of the primary entrance to A Site for terrorists. Often, they have to win the battle in Mid to use Connector.

  • Vent - a hole for counter-terrorists to move to Mid.

  • Sniper’s Nest - Snipers can observe Mid from this big window.

  • Ladder Room - or Ladder. Use this room to move from B Short to Sniper’s Nest and Jungle.

  • Underpass - a passage that allows moving underground from B Apartments to Mid.

  • Boost - players use these ledgers and help each other to reach Sniper’s Nest.

  • Chair - or Delpan, a chair standing on Mid.

  • Top Mid - a big area, from where terrorists enter Mid, hidden from Sniper’s Nest.

  • Default - default places for planting the bomb, marked with letters A and B on two bomb sites.

  • Triple Box - or Triple, boxes on A Site, close to Default but located from CT entrance.

  • Catwalk - quite a broad passage on Mid. Terrorists use it to move to B Site.

  • Short Corner - a spot on the way from Mid (Catwalk) to B Site.

  • Market - a shop on the way from CT Spawn to B Site.

  • Window - to look from Market at B Site.

  • Door - CT can enter B Site from Market through this door.

  • Bench - a bench on B Site.

  • Van - or Car, a truck on B Site that helps to jump into B Apartments.

  • B Apartments - terrorists often attack B Site from this long corridor.

  • TV - a TV set in House.

  • Cart - another intermediate area between T Spawn and Mid.

  • Arches - located between B Short and B Site.

  • Empty - the pillar on B Site, closest to Door of Market.

  • E Box - the part of B Site, closest to Window of Market.

  • House - terrorists pass this building while moving to B Apartments from T Spawn.

Dust 2 Callouts

dust2 map callouts

This is one of the legendary competitive maps CS:GO. Players of the original game Counter-Strike enjoyed the first version of this location, named Dust. Then, the place was remastered and significantly improved. The Bomb Defusal scenario happens somewhere in the Middle East. Dust II is a nicely balanced map, interesting to play for both teams, so let’s describe CS:GO positions on it. If you want to boost your playing skills on all the maps, check out this guide with the Best CS:GO Tips or How to Get Better at CS:GO.

  • A Short - counter-terrorists spawn very near this area. It’s the shortest way for them to A Site. For terrorists, it’s a short way as well.

  • T Spawn - terrorists start playing rounds here.

  • T Plat - a platform near T Spawn with a view at T Ramp.

  • Outside Tunnels - quite a big area, an entrance to B tunnels. Terrorists pass this place while moving to B Site.

  • Upper B Tunnels - if terrorists decide to move in tunnels to B Site, they turn left here. The right turn leads to Mid.

  • Lower B Tunnels - an entrance to Mid for terrorists that move through tunnels.

  • Close - a corner on B Site, left for terrorists entering from Upper Tunnels. It’s a nice place for counter-terrorists to wait for their victims. Attackers must check this corner.

  • B Closet - a corner, for both teams to hide on B Site. It’s located to the right side for terrorists, entering from Upper Tunnels.

  • B Car - a car on B Closet. Players are on B Car if they hide behind it.

  • Fence - a wall on B Site. Counter-terrorists may stay here invisible for terrorists that enter from the tunnels.

  • B Plat - a platform near the planting area on B Site, with a view at the entrance from Upper Tunnels.

  • Back Plat - an area behind the planting area on B Site. It’s a very good place to hide for both teams.

  • Big Box - a big box on B Site, an analog of Xbox on Mid.

  • Double Stack - two boxes on B Plant, one over the other.

  • B Default Plant - an area to plant the bomb on B Site.

  • B Window - this CS:GO callout includes the window on B Site that leads to CT Mid and also boxes that help to reach it.

  • B Back Site - an area behind B Default Plant if looking at it from the tunnels.

  • B Doors - an entrance to B Site from CT Mid.

  • B Boxes - boxes outside B Doors. Sometimes, players wait here for opponents who move from B Site to CT Mid.

  • Scaffolding - building materials on CT Mid just opposite B Window. It’s a good place to wait for attackers or protectors of B Site.

  • CT Mid - an open area between CT Spawn and B Site. Terrorists enter it from Mid.

  • Mid Doors - big doors between Mid and CT Mid. Terrorist snipers shoot through these doors from their spawn area.

  • Xbox - a big box, terrorists face it while moving from Lower Tunnels to Mid. Jump on this box and you will be able to reach A Short.

  • Mid - a big corridor-like area, a direct way between T Spawn and CT Mid.

  • Palm - here was a palm tree but now it’s a telephone mast at the beginning of Mid, from the side of Catwalk

  • Top Mid - an area that connects Mid with Suicide and Outside Mid.

  • Suicide - rather a short way from T Spawn to Mid. It’s a very dangerous way, though. Snipers of CT observe this place from Mid Doors.

  • Outside Long - terrorists enter this area while moving to Long Doors and then A Long or to Top Mid.

  • Long Doors - for terrorists its an entrance to the zone, usually protected by counter-terrorists. Here you will meet two double-doors with a small room between them.

  • Blue - a big crate opposite to Long Doors (while moving to A Long).

  • Side Pit - a hidden area right from Long Doors (for terrorists). Counter-terrorists may wait for victims here or on Pit.

  • Pit - a slope, hidden from the view of terrorists entering A Long from Long Doors, separated from Side Pit by a brick wall.

  • Pit Plat - a platform near Pit. Snipers can see A Site from here.

  • A Long - a long corridor-like area on the way of terrorists towards A Site (if they walk through Long Doors.

  • A Car - if terrorists move through A Long, they should check the car to their right because it offers nice protection for counter-terrorists to shoot attackers.

  • A Cross - this area is visible from many angles, from A Short, A Long, and A Site.

  • A Ramp - a slope from A Site towards A Long.

  • A Default Plant - a place with big A for planting the bomb on A Site.

  • Barrels - they stand behind A Site.

  • Goose - a closed zone with a spray-painted goose.

  • Elevator - a corner of A Site, closest to CT Spawn. Counter-terrorists often use this spot to reach the platform, especially while retaking A Site.

  • A Platform - rather a big platform, where A Site is located.

  • A Ninja - a hiding position on A Platform. Counter-terrorists often wait here for their victims. It’s a nice place for ninja-defuse.

  • Stairs - they are located on the way from Catwalk to A Short.

  • Catwalk - terrorists pass this area while moving from Top Mid to A Short and A Site.

  • CT Spawn - counter-terrorists appear in the rounds very close to A Short and A Site.

Cache Callouts

cache map callouts

This CS:GO map invites into a specific atmosphere of the Nuclear Station Chernobyl. It’s a good place to practice shooting art of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Cache opens many interesting possibilities for both teams. Some players like this location, and still there are some people even among professionals who prefer avoiding it. We recommend to try out the map and form your own opinion.

  • Mid - a central area of the map.

  • A Site - one of two zones to plant the bomb.

  • T Spawn - the base of terrorists, they start new rounds from here.

  • A Long - terrorists may pass this long area while moving to A Site.

  • Squeaky - a room near A Site. It has a blue squeaky door, and some players tell they are on Squeaky if they stay near that door on A Site.

  • Shroud - or Boost Boxes, a set of boxes on the left side of the squeaky door (for terrorists who enter A Side from there). Only by helping each other, players can jump onto these boxes.

  • NBK - or Fence, or Close Right, a professional player NBK demonstrated once a phenomenal style here, so this corner of A Site is named after him.

  • Quad - an area around the stack of four boxes on A Site. They are located near NBK.

  • A Default - the best place to plant the bomb on A Site. It’s convenient for terrorists thanks to various protections from many sides.

  • Forklift - an area around the forklift car on A Site.

  • Balcony - a balcony on A Site.

  • Highway - a narrow way from Mid to A Site.

  • Truck - counter-terrorists pass this truck while moving to A Site from CT Halls.

  • White Box - an area between Mid and Highway, around a white box located there.

  • Sand Bags - they lay near Mid Roof from the side of CT Connector.

  • Mid Roof - players are on Mid Roof if they are on top of the building near Vents.

  • Vents - they connect Mid and Checkers.

  • Cubby - a corner near A Main, below Boost.

  • Boost - a roof opposite to Vents, close to Mid.

  • Checkers - Vents lead to this room. This callout comes from the floor patterns.

  • Back Checkers - there are boxes inside the Checkers room, and this callout refers to the area around them.

  • Garage - it’s located between Mid and T Spawn. In fact, this is really a big garage.

  • Dumpster - a room between Garage and B Halls.

  • B Halls - terrorists can pass this room on their way to B Site.

  • B Main - a room near B Site.

  • B Main Boxes - some counter-terrorists hide behind these boxes near B Main from the side of Checkers

  • Sun Room - from B Hall, players can enter this room and enjoy the painting of the Sun on the wall.

  • B Offen - an area that connects Checkers, B Hall, B Site and Hell.

  • Pit - it’s located near B Ramp.

  • Headshot - an area near B Ramp from the side of Heaven. If players crouch here, opponents can see only their heads** - what a chance for headshots!

  • B Site - terrorists are eager to plant bomb here or on A Site.

  • B Default - a spot with big B, a default planting area.

  • Spray - or Back Site, a space behind the boxes on B Site. Try to hide here.

  • Close Left - when counter-terrorists enter B Site, they should check the left (for them) corner of B Site. Some terrorists hide there after planting.

  • Heaven - or Upper, a way from CT Halls to B Site, the top of a wooden ramp.

  • Blue - players are on Blue when they stay near the blue wall close to Heaven.

  • Rafters - a platform near Heaven.

  • Tree - it grows on a platform close to Hell. Players can jump to it.

  • CT Spawn - if you play for counter-terrorists, you start rounds here.

  • T Truck - terrorists pass it moving to A Long from their spawn area. The callout usually refers to the area behind the truck.

  • Flash Window - players can flash their opponents on B Site, throwing there grenades from Sun Room through this window.

  • A Main - a big warehouse that connects A Long and A Site

  • Lockers - if players enter A Main from A Long, they first appear in this room. It has lockers inside.

Overpass Callouts

overpass map callouts

This CS:GO map was added to the game in 2013. The location is quite interesting with many tactical possibilities for players. The Bomb Defusal scenario takes place in virtual Berlin. Counter-terrorists and terrorists fight in a park and in a canal overpass below it. It’s a demanded map during professional competitions, so you better learn CS:GO Overpass callouts beforehand.

  • A Site - an area for planting the bomb.

  • B Site - another choice for terrorists to plant the bomb. On the CS:GO map Overpass, bomb sites are located quite close to each other.

  • T Spawn - on this location, terrorists start rounds in a big distance from the bombsites.

  • A Long - this is a long way for terrorists to reach A Site. They should pass Upper Tunnels and Fountain if moving from T Spawn

  • Upper Tunnels - after spawning, terrorists can turn left and enter this area. It leads to Fountain (another turn left) or through Ladder to Lower Tunnels and Connector.

  • Lower Tunnels - to move to Connector and Mid from Upper Tunnels. Players enter this area with Ladder.

  • Connector - it connects Lower Tunnels and Mid.

  • Party - it seems like someone prepared celebration here, right before the Bomb Defusal scenario began.

  • Mid - a big area on the way from Fountain to Toilets and A Site

  • Fountain - it’s located between Mid, A Long, and Upper Tunnels.

  • Playground - an area behind Fountain. It’s possible to enter it from the side of Upper Tunnels and closer to A Long.

  • Park Conn - an alternative way to A Long, through Mid and Toilets.

  • Close Left (Long) - a nice corner for hiding on A Site, waiting for opponents entering this area from A Long.

  • Van - it’s located at the back of A Site.

  • Default (A) - a place to plant the bomb on A Site. It’s marked with a big letter A.

  • Restroom - it is located on the way from Mid to A Site, a kind of alternative to A Short.

  • A Short - this area connects Mid and A Site.

  • CT - on Overpass, counter-terrorists spawn on A Site, so this map callout refers to that area and especially its backside.

  • Monster - terrorists use this tunnel to enter B Site directly from their spawn area.

  • Pipe - a connector between Tracks and Water.

  • Water - or Construction, an area with water, on the way from Short Tunnels to Short B.

  • Squeaky - a door between Water and Connector.

  • B Short - a way to B Site from Water.

  • Sandbags - some bags with sand that lay on B Short.

  • Pillar - it’s located on B Site and can be used as protection.

  • Toxic Barrels - hide behind these barrels to have a nice view at opponents that enter B Site from Monster and Sewers.

  • Pit - this is an area with water at the back of B Site. Players jump into it from Heaven.

  • Heaven - a platform above B Site, opposite to Sewers.

  • Cafe - a sign on the wall, near Long Toilets.

  • Bench - it stays opposite the Cafe sign.

  • Storage - a room behind Bank.

  • Bridge - it’s located very close to B Site, connecting Sandbags on B Short and Walkway.

  • Boost - players can observe B Site from this place on Water.

  • Signpost - it’s located on A Site between entrances to A Short and A Long.

Inferno Callouts

inferno map callouts

This is arguably the most beautiful location in CS:GO. Players jump into virtual Italy, run through narrow streets and cozy rooms. Inferno can be called even canonical - if you want to improve your skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you should play here. Learning these Map Callouts will help to be successful. Another thing to learn in the game is CS:GO Console Commands - Complete List.

  • Banana - a long diagonal corridor from T Ramp to B Site. Many battles happen here, it’s the main way for terrorists to plant the bomb on B.

  • B Site - an area on a platform, around a fountain. Terrorists can plant the bomb here.

  • T Spawn - terrorists appear in the rounds quite far away from their opponents.

  • Mid - one of the primary ways for terrorists to move to A Site.

  • Second Mid - a bit smaller way between T Spawn to A Site, it connects T and CT Apartments.

  • T Ramp - this passageway leads terrorists towards Mid and then to A Site or towards Banana and then to B Site.

  • Balcony - or T Balcony, move here from Living Room to look at Second Mid and T Apartments.

  • Bridge - a connector between Living Room and T Apartments with a view at CT Apartments.

  • A Short - one of the ways to A Site from Mid. It’s a bit shorter and passes by CT Apartments.

  • A Long - a bit longer way to A Site from Mid, near Arch and T Library, quite close to CT Spawn.

  • T Apartments - one of the apartment sections on Inferno. It’s located close to T Spawn and leads to Second Mid.

  • Back Alley - a passageway between T Apartments and Stairs fo CT Apartments.

  • Underpass - this is a way between Mid and Second Mid. Players move underground here and should crouch.

  • Bench - it’s located at the center of Mid. This corner can give protection while moving towards Top Mid and A Site.

  • Second Mid Stairs - this is the way under the window of CT Apartments.

  • CT Apartments, or Apartments - rooms very close to A Site. Many T teams lead their attack to A Site through Apartments. Many counter-terrorists make ambush for their opponents here.

  • Top Mid - this part of Mid is located closer to A Site. It’s usually controlled by counter-terrorists. Players of T team can move from this place to A Short or A Long.

  • Pit - counter-terrorists often hide here to meet their opponents approaching A Site from CT Apartments.

  • Boiler - an entrance from CT Apartments to Top Mid, an alternative way to move from Apartments to A Site.

  • Window - it’s quite big and gives a nice view at Second Mid. This is rather a dangerous place because Window is nicely visible for opponents.

  • Stairs - an entrance to CT Apartments from Back Alley. It would be wise to move here with weapons for close-range fights.

  • Close Apartments - a way for terrorists moving through CT Apartments to A Site.

  • Balcony - players enter it from Close Apartments. This place has a nice view at A Site but usually, players are busy here with fights, not observations.

  • Dosia - a far corner of Pit on A Site. Once, the pro player Dosia threw a grenade at this place to deal damage to two opponents (because of this, they died after the bomb explosion).

  • Cemetery - a wall on Pit, opposite to Balcony of CT Apartments.

  • Graveyard - it’s located at the back of A Site. Players can hide here and make ambush for opponents.

  • Truck (A) - it helps players to jump onto Balcony of CT Apartments.

  • Patio - from this corner, an entrance from Mid to A Site becomes nicely visible. Counter-terrorists often wait for their opponents here.

  • Long Corner - a nice place to hide on A Long and wait for opponents moving from Mid. Molotov can clear out this corner.

  • Library - a room close to A Site, on the way of counter-terrorists from their spawn zone.

  • Kitchen - counter-terrorists enter this room while moving to A Site from CT Spawn.

  • A Site - an area for planting the bomb, it has boxes and columns to hide behind.

  • Close Left - a corner of A Site from the A Short side.

  • Back Site (A) - a far corner of A Site, a nice place to hide while waiting for opponents to plant the bomb or to defuse it.

  • Arch - a connection between CT Spawn / Speedway and A Long.

  • CT Spawn - a place for counter-terrorists to start the game rounds.

  • Speedway - a way from Arch to B Site.

  • Terrace - it’s full of flowers, near CT Spawn.

  • Well - it’s located near Terrace and CT Spawn.

  • Truck (B) - this one is located at the entrance to B Site from the CT Spawn area.

  • CT - this area is nicely visible for counter-terrorists from CT Spawn and B Site. Terrorists should use smoke here to avoid deadly shots.

  • Tree - it grows opposite to Construction. It’s a good place to ambush opponents entering B Site from CT Spawn.

  • Construction - this area is located on the way to B Site from CT Spawn. Players can enter here to approach B SIte from Garden.

  • Sand Bags on Construction - players can hide behind them.

  • Garden - it’s located on B Site if entering it from Construction.

  • Grill - it’s located very near B Site.

  • Dark - a far corner of B Site, a very good place to hide while defending.

  • Fountain - it’s located on B Site.

  • 2nd - a niche to hide on B Site.

  • 1st - this hiding niche is located closer to the entrance to B Site.

  • Boost - a place to jump onto each other and have a view at Banana.

  • Sand Bags (B) - they are located on the way from Banana to B Site. Opponents usually use Molotov to clear out this place.

  • Car - it’s located on Banana, players pass it while moving to B Site,

  • Logs - a place to hide at the entrance to Banana from the side of T Spawn.

Train Callouts

train map callouts

The topic of Nuclear power is quite popular in the game CS:GO, and this map is also about it. Terrorists want to plant the bomb near some nuclear cargo in Russia. Of course, counter-terrorists try to stop them. Their missions will be easier if all the players are on the same page - they can reach harmony inside the teams with Nuke CS:GO Map Callouts.

  • T Spawn - terrorists spawn at the faraway part of the Train map, opposite to counter-terrorists.

  • A Main - the primary way of terrorists from their spawn area to A Site.

  • T Stairs - terrorists use these stairs to move from T Spawn to B Halls and B Site.

  • Brown Halls - a corridor that connects T Stairs and B Hall.

  • Showers - a room near Brown Halls, an alternative way to B Halls from T Spawn or from A Site.

  • Popdog - this CS:GO Callout refers to a ladder from A Site to B Hall, the area around it and the ladder room.

  • B Halls - a room that leads terrorists to B Site. Players often gather here to prepare for a sudden attack.

  • B Ramp - one of two entrances to B Site. Some players call it Lower Entrance.

  • Upper B - this entrance to B Site is the most distant for terrorists that move from T Spawn. It’s raised above the ground.

  • Ladder - players use it to move from Upper B to B Site.

  • Spools - they are located between the entrances to B Site, opposite to Bomb Train. Defenders can hide here, so it’s better to check this place.

  • Catwalk - a continuation of Upper B, so players can move through it while entering B Site.

  • Headshot - a small area at the end of Catwalk, if you crouch here, only the head of your character becomes visible to opponents.

  • Bomb Train (B) - this is the place to plant the bomb on B Site.

  • White - this white train stays near the entrance to B Site from B Ramp.

  • Yellow - a yellow train on the same tracks that Bomb Train stays on B Site.

  • Red (B) - this red train is located near CT Spawn, right opposite the entrance to Z Connector.

  • Oil - a black railway tank on B Site, close to Headshot.

  • Sidewalk - this passageway leads players from B Ramp to Z Connector.

  • Z Connector - a corridor between A and B Sites.

  • CT Spawn - counter-terrorists start playing the game rounds from the back of B Site. Use this CS:GO callout also for two doors that separates the room from the rest of the location.

  • Back Site (B) - an area between CT Spawn and Yellow.

  • CT Stairs - counter-terrorists can use this way to move towards A Site.

  • Old Bomb - this train stays near CT Stairs. In the previous versions of the CS:GO map Train, it was a place to plant the bomb on A Site.

  • A1 - one of three ways from CT Tunnel / CT Stairs to the primary area of A Site, closest to CT Spawn.

  • A2 - a passageway from CT Tunnels, through Old Bomb to A Site. This one leads directly to Bomb Train.

  • A3 - if counter-terrorists reach the end of CT Tunnel and turn right, they enter this passageway to A Site. It leads to Green but players can also turn to Ivy.

  • CT Tunnel - a corridor behind a building on A Site. Counter-terrorists can move here from CT Stairs to A3. Terrorists can try and use this way to reach B Site from CT Spawn.

  • Ivy - terrorists may decide to move straight from T Spawn, reach the opposite corner of the map and turn right to this corridor. This is a possibility to attack CT from their backs, but often Ivy is observed.

  • Dumpster - it’s located between T Spawn and Alley. Players can jump onto it and have a nice view of the surrounding area.

  • Alley - it leads terrorists from their spawn to Pigeons and Ivy.

  • Olof - use this niche near Blue to make ambush for opponents entering A Site from A Main.

  • Sandwich - space between Green and Blue on A Site.

  • Hell - it’s located near Green and has a nice view at A3 and Ivy.

  • Red (A) - this red train stays in the middle of A Site.

  • Blue - this blue train stays on A Site, opposite to entrance from A Main.

  • Green - this green train stays on A Site at the beginning of A3.

  • E Box - defenders of A Site often wait for opponents near this electric box. It gives a nice view of Popdog.

  • Bomb Train (A) - terrorists can plant the bomb on this train or around it.

  • Heaven - players can reach this place with a ladder and observe A Site through a window there.

  • Cubby - or Heaven Cubby, a ladder to Heaven is located here.

  • Pigeons - an area that connects Alley and Ivy.

  • Camera - this building separates A2 and A3.

  • Kitchen - terrorists enter this room while moving from T Stairs to Showers.

  • Summit - space that separates Bomb Train and Green.

Cobblestone Callouts

cobblestone map callouts

This is quite a beautiful CS:GO map. Players appear near a castle with big open spaces, convenient for snipers. This location was introduced in the original game Counter-Strike. It entered the Global Offensive version after significant improvements. Learn the following Cobble Callouts to be successful here as a team player. Much helpful information about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is given in our article about Essential CS:GO Tips for Beginners. Check it out to play better.

  • T Spawn - terrorists spawn in a distant part of Cobblestone.

  • A Site - an area to plant the bomb. This one is located near CT Spawn.

  • B Site - this area for bomb planting is distant from the spawn of both terrorists and counter-terrorists.

  • Connector - an area between A Site / CT Spawn and B Site.

  • Upper Halls - terrorists pass these halls while moving from T Spawn to B Site.

  • Lower Halls - these halls are located closer to B Site (for terrorists moving from T Spawn).

  • Drop - players go down here from Sky / B Halls. This CS:GO Callout refers also to the ladder and the area in front of it.

  • Window - it leads players from Connector to Drop.

  • Electric - players enter this room while moving from Drop to B Short. There is an electric box on a wall.

  • B Short - this passageway connects Electric and B Site (near Broken Wall of B Long).

  • Boost - players can jump onto each other and reach the flowerbed with a view at three entrances to B Site: from B Long, Electro, and through B Doors.

  • B Long - terrorists use this pass to enter B Site. It connects Lower Halls and B Platform.

  • B Platform - players can observe B Site from here. Terrorists enter this platform after moving through B Long.

  • Broken Wall - it’s located at the end of B Long, so players can jump over it to B Site.

  • Ninja (B) - a far corner of B Site. Players can hide here, waiting for opponents.

  • Chicken - it’s a nice place to defend B Site. This chicken hut is located in a corner of B Site.

  • Fountain - the central part of B Site. Terrorists can plant the bomb on it or around it.

  • Rock - it’s located opposite to B Doors and has a nice view of the exit from Electric. Often, players use this rock to defend B Site.

  • B Doors - they separate Connector and B Site.

  • Vent Room - it’s located close A Site. Through the vent, players can go to Balcony or Connector.

  • Balcony - players can observe A Site from this place. It’s a common way for CT teams to rotate from B Site.

  • CT Spawn - counter-terrorists start playing on Cobblestone here, near A Site.

  • Stables - an area separated from A Site by a small wall. Players can hide here, waiting for opponents from Connector, A Long, or CT Ramp.

  • CT Ramp - an area between Mid and A Site.

  • Mid - this room connects T Ramp and CT Ramp.

  • A Long - an alternative way for terrorists to move to A Site (not through Mid).

  • Catwalk - a passageway from T Ramp to A Long.

  • T Ramp - this area is very close to T Spawn. Terrorists can proceed from here to A Site (through Mid or A Long) or to B Site (through Upper and Lower Halls).

  • Snake - terrorists can turn to this room from T Ramp to move to D Lore, Upper Halls, and eventually to B Site.

  • Patio - or Dragon Lore, or D Lore, a room between T Mid and Upper Tunnels.

  • Mid Platform - it provides players with a nice view at T Ramp.

  • Statue - terrorists pass it while moving from T Spawn to T Ramp.

  • Sky - this room connects Lower Tunnels and Drop. Players pass it on the way from the tunnels to Electric.

  • Cubby - it’s located at the entrance from A Long to A Site. Players can hide here and wait for opponents.

Nuke Callouts

nuke map callouts

Terrorists try to plant the bomb in a nuclear power plant. Of course, this plan can be spoiled by brave counter-terrorists. Choose your side and prove your skills on Nuke. This location is quite unusual among other CS:GO maps - the bomb sites are located one above the other. It’s not a big map, and it has many rather small rooms. Various playing styles will be helpful here (almost the same helpful as CS:GO Nuke Map Callouts).

  • T Spawn - terrorists start rounds on the opposite side to the counter-terrorists spawn.

  • CT Spawn - an area for counter-terrorists to start rounds on Nuke.

  • Outside - this outdoor space connects Silo, Garage, Main, and Secret.

  • A Site - here, terrorists can plant the bomb.

  • B Site - the lower Bombsite of Nuke.

  • Garage - a building with exits to Outside towards CT Spawn and Main. Counter-terrorists can wait for opponents here, while they approach from T Spawn.

  • Ramp - from this area players can go down to B Site or take a sidewalk to other parts of Nuke.

  • T Roof - terrorists often go up to the roof through the ladder, close to T Spawn. It’s possible to move to Silo from here.

  • Fork - the first room on the way of terrorists from T Spawn. They can go to Squeaky, Radio, or Sandbags from here.

  • Trophy - terrorists pass this room on their way from Lobby to Ramp.

  • Control - one of the Ramp sidewalks leads to this room.

  • Squeaky - if terrorists decide to move from Lobby to A Site, they pass this room with squeaky doors.

  • Vent - the vent system of Nuke connects A Site, B Site, and Secret.

  • Hell - an area under Heaven. Players should use the ladder close to Lockers to reach this place.

  • Heaven - this platform is accessible through the ladder near Lockers. It gives a nice view of A Site.

  • Lockers - a room close to CT Spawn. Players can use the window here to observe Garage and CT Red.

  • Headshot - this box stands at the back of Ramp and it is convenient for snipers to look for their victims from here. Usually, it’s a place for counter-terrorists.

  • Sandbags - they are located in Lobby, close to Hut.

  • Hut - a kind of room that connects Lobby and A Site. CT teams often expect to meet their opponents appearing from Hut.

  • Tetris - containers near Hut.

  • Rafters - a platform attached to the back wall of A Site. Players can enter it from Heaven, moving to Mustang or Bridge.

  • Bridge - it connects raised platforms on A Site.

  • Turn Pike - players pass this room while moving from Hell to Ramp.

  • Stack - boxes on Ramp, close to Turn Pike.

  • Boost - boxes on Ramp, close to Control.

  • Big Box - it’s located on Ramp, above the way to the lower bombsite (B Site).

  • T Red - this red container stays close to Silo.

  • CT Red - this red container stays close to Garage.

  • Main - players pass this room while entering A Site from Outside.

  • Window - a room close to B Site. The window here can be smashed.

  • Dark - corner on B Site to hide and ambush those entering this area.

  • Decon - if terrorists move to B Site from Secret and Tunnels, they pass this room just before entering the bombsite.

  • Back Vents - part of the way from Secret to B Site.

  • Tunnels - underground pass from Secret to B Site.

  • Doors - they separate tunnels from B Site.

  • Bottom Ramp - a way down from Ramp to B Site.

  • Silo - it’s located on Outside. Terrorists can access it through T Roof to observe the surrounding area.

  • Secret - the start of the underground way from Outside to B Site.

Vertigo Callouts

vertigo map callouts

Vertigo is the latest CS:GO map, which was added to the Active Duty Group in March 2019. It’s the only map where players are allowed to fight on the skyscrapers and can even fall outside the playing area. Vertigo is yet to become popular in the competitive stage and among players, but it features many attractive architectural and strategic solutions. This helps T and CT sides implement variable strategies and combinations.

  • T spawn Lower/Upper - terrorists start playing rounds here. Stairs separate the lower and upper spawns.
  • Generator - spot on the upper t spawn, useful position to hold on mid
  • T Mid - the part of Mid which is closest to T spawn
  • Mid - the central part of the map between CT and T spawns. The hottest fights take place here.
  • Boost Mid - it’s a box that allows players to make a boost and hold the T mid with nontrivial position.
  • Unfair - a kind of box that allows players to hold T and CT Mid.
  • Iron - these are metal rods along the exit after the T mid.
  • Top Mid - the part of mid which is closest to CT spawn.
  • CT Spawn - counter-terrorists can start playing rounds here.
  • Cold - this is located on the B plant and allows players to hide and hold CT spawn while making a dangerous jump. The position has this name because, in the first official match on Vertigo, Coldzera tried to jump and fell.
  • Elec - it’s an electro box, with the short name Elec. It helps players to hold CT or B plant.
  • B plant - one of the plants on Vertigo, where terrorists can detonate a bomb.
  • Default B - this is a spot behind two red boxes that allows players to hold CT, it is also the closest position to B plant.
  • Ninja - it’s a position between two boxes, which allows players to hold B stairs and catwalk.
  • Catwalk - this is a metal road between backside B and B stairs. It starts from the left after B stairs.
  • B stairs - there are stairs between B plant and under mid.
  • Understairs - it’s a position under B stairs, that allows players to hold B stairs and under mid.
  • Under mid - this is a large corridor between B stairs and connector, that copies Mid on the ground floor.
  • Connector - it’s a corridor that connects under mid and room together under elevators.
  • Bridge - it’s a point that connects room under elevators and Ramp. It allows players to hold the connector.
  • 50 - it’s a room between T spawn and room under elevators. The big number 50 was on the wall of this room in the early versions of Vertigo, so the name is still valid today.
  • Lower/Upper letter - these are rooms with letters, that allow players to move between floors.
  • Big Box - it’s a point in the room between bridge and Ramp. This box is an excellent point to hold enemies from the Ramp or bridge.
  • Dog - it’s a position above the Ramp. This is an excellent point to hold enemies from the bridge.
  • Ramp - it’s a big metal platform that connects the room with a big box and A plant. There are two parts of the Ramp: the first one is the default ramp that starts from the room with a big box, and the second one is the top Ramp, which is closest to A plant.
  • Sandbags - it’s a point on plant A, which allows players to hold Ramp and plant.
  • Scaffold / Yellow - it’s a platform that connects the way from dog to a position under the Ramp. The whole platform is tightened with a large yellow tarp, so sometimes players call it yellow.
  • Lane - it’s a way that connects Scaffold and A Default. This position allows you to make hidden exits to plant A.
  • Default A - it’s a spot behind three red boxes on the plant A.
  • Backside - it’s a room between CT and plant A.
  • Haven - it’s a platform on the backside. This is a good position for snipers to hold enemies on plant A.
  • Double/Boost - it’s a position with two red boxes on plant A. Players call it double or boost, but you can jump on these boxes yourself and don’t need a boost. It helps players to control A plant and Ramp.
  • Elevators - it’s a room with elevators that connects plant A and Top Mid.

CS:GO Callouts help to communicate with your teammates - but only common practice will make your team a good one. Another helpful use for CS:GO Map Callouts is the possibility to better understand professional esports competitions. If you listen to commentators, you will know the current situation in a match perfectly well.

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