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DMarket Update: Fresh Features and Recent News

Here’s the latest on recent marketplace enhancements and other news from DMarket!

Tech Update

DMarket platform has been significantly upgraded over the past couple of weeks, providing new features and enhanced functionality.

  • An implemented cart feature allows the user to add items to the cart and to make multiple purchases in one click afterwards.
  • The updated filters and sorting help made the search of the desired assets easier and faster.
  • Extra security features were added to the login and authentication process.
  • Fund withdrawal options were expanded with WebMoney and Skrill to help the user  to withdraw the money any time and in any preferable way.

DMarket Participates in the Main Conferences

In order to get new insights on the latest trends and opportunities in the gaming industry, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, we attend a wide range of well-established and up-and-coming conferences all over the world.

Over the past few weeks, we took part in the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles, World Digital Asset Summit 2018 in Singapore, iForum 2018 and Crypto Games Conference in Kyiv, and Consensus 2018 in New York.

During the world’s first Crypto Games Conference, our CEO and founder Vlad Panchenko was glad to share his vision of the future of the gaming industry amid sweeping expansion of blockchain technology. In his report “Be the First to Reap the Benefits from the Universe of Blockchain” he paid special attention to the groundbreaking opportunities of the new gaming universe created by DMarket.

DMarket in the Media

DMarket has been attracting attention from the world’s leading media since the project’s early stages, and the interest only grows over time. For the last 3 weeks  the project was mentioned in more than 40 publications, including NewsBTC and Entrepreneur.

NewsBTC: Does Your Project Really Need Blockchain?

Marketplaces for trading in-game assets exist for years, and their overall trading turnover is estimated at $4 billion. But the market still faces major issues restraining its further development. Security problems are the most destructive ones, as account hijacking and extremely high fraud rates prevent digital items from becoming a real commodity like any traditional goods. The DMarket project uses blockchain to bring security to the industry by making all item transactions irreversible and undisputed.

Entrepreneur: How Blockchain Gaming Will Completely Disrupt the Video Games Industry

Many blockchain game and platform projects have arisen over the past year with several simple games already running and playable. However, while individual games may be entertaining, they aren’t equipped to bring forth industry-level disruption. The most interesting projects that will cause tsunami sized waves are the various platforms. Several of the top-rated blockchain gaming platforms include Chimaera, DMarket, GameCredits, and Refereum. Each offers a different spin on how to use blockchain technology for video games.

New on Blog

We collect and analyze the latest news and trends from the global gaming industry and share findings with you.  

Last week, we covered the smash hit Fortnite: Battle Royale. Check out our blog to get the ultimate guide to the game for beginners or 55 advanced tips for die-hard Fortnite players.

We also gathered the most exciting news and suggestions about the next big games likely to be revealed during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018. By the way, we can’t miss out on such a major gaming event and will be glad to meet you at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 12–14, 2018. Wherever you are, we’ll bring you the most interesting news and insights revealed during the expo on our social media channels.

There’s more to follow. Stay tuned and remember that we always highly appreciate your feedback. You can also follow our Founder and CEO Vlad Panchenko on Twitter and LinkedIn to get firsthand news and announcements.

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