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DMarket Goes Mobile: Introducing Our App for iOS and Android

DMarket’s in-game items monetization platform is now available on mobile devices.

You can now trade in-game items at great prices on the go. Use DMarket’s mobile app to buy and sell items from your favorite games as well as manage your inventory and balance. Get it now and be sure that all your virtual assets are totally safe and always at your fingertips.

download DMarket app on the Appstore get DMarket app on Google Pay

After installing the application and logging into your DMarket account, you can enjoy the key platform features tailored to your mobile device.

The app’s Home tab features:

  • The most popular items on DMarket
  • Quick access to skins and other assets from featured games
  • Search filters and sortings to find the best offers

If you want to buy several items at once, add them to your cart to complete all the deals in no time.

The Inventory tab is a place to:

  • Manage your items, including selling and withdrawing to Steam
  • Track your trading history

To refill or withdraw funds from your DMarket balance:

  • Go to the Profile tab, where you can also change your preferred currency or other account settings

With the app’s intuitive interface and smooth performance, you can raise your game while staying mobile. Go ahead and give it a try right now!

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