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DMarket Tech Update: Check out New Features

Dear Followers,

The past weeks have been challenging and exciting for everyone at DMarket. Some important new features have been deployed and implemented, and we are pleased to share our latest tech updates with you. The DMarket team has implemented:

  • a discovery service to add new nodes to our blockchain network;
    • a unified approach to show and work with Steam/blockchain assets;
    • changes to infrastructure to have the possibility to scale services to handle a higher number of requests;
    • separation of demo and production environments.

DMarket has also proceeded with:

  • investigation of adding transaction signing functionality to hardware wallets;
  • development of functionality to store and manage Steam skins within the marketplace;
  • development of functionality to handle and store UTM information for marketing needs;
  • development of a simplified approach of working with blockchain assets within the marketplace by removing transaction signing requirement;
  • development of a shopping cart functionality;
  • integration with a payment service to provide multiple options to top-up and withdraw funds from a user’s balance;
  • development of mobile wallet applications for iOS and Android devices.

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